Tiramisu, Swimming in February, Car madness, & Sewing

My new favourite dessert has become Tiramisu. Our landlord has been very generous with helping us get out and riding with great bikes. To say thank you I may have made his
favourite dessert a few times.

There is one secret ingredient that I will keep to myself, but really this lovely dessert is so simple!

My little tiramisu helper!

 Swimming/wanting to swim on this hot day in February in the stream that goes through the town. People drove by while we were here and I can just imagine what we were thinking. The kids get funny looks for wearing t-shirts to school.

The view through the window of Rocalinaud... so beautiful :) I'm excited to watch the colours change over the next few months. 

Car shenanigans on our way to Roussillon. The cars we have had are pretty small and make for some long car rides. It has been good for bonding but super annoying!

The quick change in temperature here has meant a sudden bloom of many different fruit trees. The amandiers (almond trees) and cerisiers (cherry trees) are in full bloom and dot the rolling landscape with fluffs of white and pink. It has caused me to break suddenly during bike rides to snap a few pictures. A friend of ours here just let me know the other day that the cherry trees in our yard here will be so loaded that not even the kids will be able to eat all of them. 
Oh, and they will be ready in May! 

Well.. I have sewn a few things over the years but I usually use a machine. I bought this little embroidery kit before our trip thinking that I would be stuck indoors for weeks with cold winds blowing. Thankfully the cold only lasted a  month and I thought I better get this sewing done before it gets any nicer out and I'm laying by the pool :-p . 
I'm not the most talented embroiderer but I think it's pretty cute still :) 

My dream bike that I got to ride for a week.... I'm droooling just looking at this photo. On this particular day I did a few laps up the mountain near our house trying this wild descent that all of the bikers here do with so much ease. If you check my Strava (yes I am obsessed with Strava - a program you can use to keep track of all of your exercise that you do. I use it to keep track of the routes we do on both the road bike, this lovely mountain bike, and my runs. It's run to see how fast we went, what the elevation changes were, etc.) you will see that I did not complete it with ease but I did rock the ascent! 


  1. Seeing the kids in the creek made me a little nostalgic....missing you guys! Love the pics!

    1. Awww :) We will have to take you there when you come! Miss you guys too :)

  2. It doesn’t surprise me to see the kids in the cool water..... I imagine the locals are looking and wondering! :). The Tiramisu looks so yummy!!! Love your little helper ❤️

    1. Yeah, they sure do love the water! Elena has been loving helping out :)


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