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A lovely February

This February has been so lovely. A little cold some days, sunny and warm the next. On weekends H often has his nap in our bed so that L can enjoy his room and his lego. I think this day was a school day but when I came to tuck him in to his bed I found him in our bed again :) He says it's cozy. I took this photo when I went in to wake him up. He sure does love that blanket! E loves the swing these days! My sweet hubby at the beach :)  The silhouette of these too :) They had so much fun exploring the beach and throwing rocks. Sparkles!  The kids had a so much fun creating a little fort in an old stump.  He looks so much like the old photos of his father in this photo. Those teeth! Gotta love sweet baby morning hair

Christmas just happened, right? Time sure flies when you're incredibly busy with three littles!

Our Christmas break was actually relaxing! We had a few days around home to get ready, go for walks and hang out with the kids. We headed out to my parents place in Chilliwack for three days to spend time with my parents, brother and sister in-law. It was so nice having space for the kids to go off and play on their own. They found new secret spots for their objects to hide in and made up new games to play. After spending New Years eve in town we headed up to Mt.Washtington to enjoy the snow and peace and quiet :) The kids loved rolling in it, throwing it, and sliding down it. L tried some ski lessons and loved it! We were so proud of him! He went two days in a row and at the end of it asked us to buy him skis. Here are a few photos :)