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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stay at home days :)

Being at home with these three munchkins is really quite lovely. Of course there are several times a day where I think.. "seriously, I have THREE kids!? They're driving me nuts, how am I going to get through this!?", and then a minute later I'm thinking "I love these kids so much, I feel so lucky..". I'm sure most mothers feel the same... but anywho, here are a few sweet moments from the past week that left me smiling :) 

Loving her big brother's bed and little piglet

Oh, how he loves Fin :)

 Headstands in bed!

Sticker books!

Apparently they are still interested in hearing about the New Baby :) 


Sprinkler fun in the sun

Summer fun

A few weeks ago we headed to Quadra Island to hopefully have our first successful camping trip as a family of 5! And yes, it sure was :) What a lovely time we had in this beautiful spot. Jeff and I used to head to Quadra most summers with friends as a friend of ours has some property and a cabin that we can pitch our tent beside. The view is breathtaking and the beach is amazing. It's perfect for little ones to explore. The kids slept great, smores were eaten, and a bit of relaxation was enjoyed after the munchkins went to sleep :)

Here are a few pics...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

So i don't forget...

There are so many little things that happen each day with these munchkins that I know I will soon miss. I don't want to forget the cute little things that happen on a day to day basis so I think I will start having some 'so i don't forget' posts just to share some of those little moments. Here are a few from the last couple of weeks :)

Monkeys or any animal on their heads

Those eyes !

Snack time outside in the sun

Morning sun shared by Jeff, Hudson, and some amazing peonies

Sweet spaghetti faces :) 

Hudson sporting this bandage after falling over the preschool stairs! Not too sure I want to remember this one too clearly...he was such a trooper!

Lots of finger marks and squishy faces

Loving these mini trampolines at Tumblebums - her first trip to this very fun place!


Fully enjoying a trip to Tumblebums

Hanging out on the trampoline

Enjoying some Goodnight Moon

Underwear for hats of course :) 

His long awaited Lego set arrived via snail mail moments before this photo

Paining outside in the afternoon sun

Elena loves climbing into Hudson's bed and cuddling with the blankets

Fathers Day ice cream - also the day Elena took her first steps!