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Tea for Two!

Our little gal has turned two. Whoa! We had a sweet little tea party to celebrate this special day. There were Macarons, lemon cake, mini quiches, fruit, scones, and sweet tarts, YUM! I'm so thankful my mom was here to help me out :) We tried to keep it fairly small by only inviting the munchkins closest to her age and I'm glad we did. It was relaxing and a nice reminder that little ones don't need a lot to keep them happy - bubbles, food, trampoline and no organized activities was a nice relief :)  My mother in-law helped me search for tea cups at thrift stores so the little ones could pour their own tea in to real tea cups :) I'm so glad we found enough as a lot of the kids enjoyed this. We made up some green tea for the kids that tasted like Pear-lychee Ice tea too! Jumbo bubbles! Some of the ladies and I :)  Sneaky cake eaters! My lovely mother and a tray full of sweet dishes :)