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Our Family of Five

I know it's been a while since i've posted anything. There have been so many moments that I have wanted to record, to write about and always be able to look back and remember sweet moments with our munchkins. However, I am flipping busy and definitely tired! I've tried to snap more photos lately of moments instead of just those fake cheesey smiles (even though I love those too). Anyways.. here is a bit of info about what's going on in our lives right now :) Our Summer was busy but sweet. We did a lot of lovely things with friends and family that I will hopefully remember though photos because I was a tad sleep deprived to remember them otherwise. The kids and I spent a week at my parents, we all spent a few weekends at Jeff's parents cabin, we attempted camping with a very young baby at Port Renfrew and failed miserably.. well.. I thought so at least. Lots of cute little trips to the beach, petting farms, sprinkler running, picking berries from the garden, bike r

Baby E is Here!

Our beautiful baby girl has arrived! :) I feel so complete. She is beautiful and the boys are doing so well with everything. I know I'm just going to get more and more tired, and she is probably going to get more and more fussy over the next year.. but it's okay. It feels so good already knowing about all of the crazy stages that she will be going through and also that I won't be pregnant again!  These three beautiful children are ours and now we get to attempt to raise them without the influence of a crazy pregnant mom! :-p Birth Story! Baby E arrived in a hurry on May 29th at 5:38pm. I was 8 days overdue and therefore I had a non-stress test and ultrasound at the hospital at 2pm earlier that day. The two tests thankfully went great. As I was walking out of the tests I called Jeff to let him know everything was okay. During our phone call I had my first contraction(at 2:45) and had to stop walking during it :) Pretty neat that it happened at the hospital.. but of co