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Spring has sprung

For several years I have been thinking about getting into road biking. Last year I told everyone that I was going to buy a bike, hoping that by telling everyone I would stay true to my word. The year went by without a bike purchased, but I did buy some padded bike shorts! Anywho, this past March I finally wrangled my bike friend to help me out and followed through with actually buying one! I don't know a lot about the bike, but if my bike friend says to buy it, then I knew it had to go with it because he knows what he is talking about ;) Over the past few weeks I have been testing it out both on my own and with friends and have really been enjoying the freedom it gives me to explore, and the great butt workout. You can go so far in such a short amount of time :) Jeff has also bought a road bike so we will be able to start riding together... if I can keep up!  Let the training for France bike rides to wineries begin!  Last week I biked along the Lochside Trail up to

Spring Break Fun!

Thinking back to the lovely Spring Break we had... thought I would post some photos of our time out in Ucluelet.  The views along the lighthouse trail in Ucluelet were spectactular and the beaches were breathtaking. We spend part of one day testing out some boogie boards and Jeff and I could have spent hours out there flopping around in our suits. Hopefully we will get a chance to return in the summer :)