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Mountain biking is awesome

Mountain biking is well... amazing. I love it to pieces💗. It brings me so much joy that it's hard to explain...and pretty strange.  
Over the past 20 months I have experienced the steep learning curve of learning how to ride a mountain bike. With every ride there is something new to learn, to practice, or to try doing again.  I cherish my solo rides, love and learn so much riding with Jeff (who also started learning when I did!), and love the unfamiliarity that comes with riding with new groups and with the kids. I have enjoyed taking official lessons with three different coaches in the region and also love learning from friends. 
Here are a few photos from riding around the region over the past year. 💕

Je pense au fleurs

I could write about our transition from life in France to living back in Victoria...about my struggle, about loving mountain biking, about our beautiful kids finding their way with their friends and life here again, about Jeff and I carving out more time to spend together. Maybe I will one day.. but right now I'm just going to post about flowers.  I appreciate nature so much more now... I have always loved flowers but I feel like I have slowed down a bit. Life is now never too busy to stop and smell the flowers - unless I'm trying to get a QOM. 😜 Almost every day I head outside to take flower photos in the yard :) 
So there ya are some flower photos. 
Favorites: Peonies, irises, poppies, wisteria. lavender