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Life with two monkeys!

Not too sure what to write about here.. i've been wanting to blog for weeks now but just haven't sat down to do anything about it. My boys are growing like weeds and I'm trying my best to soak it all up. Reading a book with daddy The summer was full of so many exciting and fun events that we did together both as a family and just myself and the boys. We were able to spend so much time with my mommy friends and their little ones, go camping, try out the local water parks and beaches, and spend some much needed time with family. It has been interesting trying to split my time between the two boys, my social life, hobbies, housework, and my hubby. Thankfully I think my crazy pregnancy hormones have finally disappeared and the random crying has come to a halt! Halleluiah! Plus I'm feeling a tad more rested which means I can handle things a bit better overall... the house may not always be clean and the laundry isn't exactly always put away, but I&