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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daycare Updates :)

Well it has been a while since i've posted anything.. I wish I could be the daily blogger but I just find myself to be too busy and too tired to write about stuff that often. Also.. what in the heck would I post? My life is not that exciting :-p

 I thought I would post a few photos of what we've been up to lately in the daycare room and out and about.
 Here are the kids at the park with their friend J. They were walking along this little ledge, all holding hands, and jumping into the leaves together. Pretty cute stuff! Most days they play together great, especially when we're outside. Some days however, i'm not so lucky :-p

 I've been meaning to do this for about a year or so now and have finally got around to making labels for our toy bins! I took photos a few weeks ago, had them printed, stamped some paper for a background, and covered them with clear plastic sticky stuff of which I totally forget the name of.. a cheap and easy way to sort of laminate them :)  Now the kids find it super easy to clean up! They're getting to be quite the amazing helpers, phew! I knew I wouldn't be cleaning up that play room forever.

 I spotted these lovely book ends a week or so ago that matched our red kitchen perfectly! They were only $12 from winners so I just couldn't pass them up!  About a month or so ago I tried out a Pinterest idea and melted some crayons to stretched canvas, I love it! I have yet to frame it or even bother looking for a frame.. for now it looks pretty good as is I think!

I'm not a clean freak by any means but I wasn't regularly letting the kids get messy inside and this was the day I decided that I should be! They're kids, let them get messy and explore! We started off by using apples and potatoes as stamps in the paint and I think it was a whole 3 minutes until little E started painting her hands and rubbing them on the paper :) They had a blast! 

 Here is our painting and paper artwork stuck to the art wall! The kids have also been experimenting with gluing and tried some mitten lacing the other day.

 I don't remember if I originally saw these ideas on Pinterest or on a blog.. or both perhaps ? I finally got my stuff together and made the kids a bean bin! I'm thinking of changing the objects in the bean bin monthly perhaps according to the season or upcoming holidays.. either way, the kids love to pour, scoop, arrange, and bury with the beans. I also decided to try something a bit different with playdough. Toys are fun and all but why can't glass beads and straws be fun too!? It was really neat to see what the kids did with no instruction at all from me. They amaze me every day with their little minds :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Missing My Man!

Happy Belated Halloween! I've been way too tired this past week to be on the ball with posting a nice Halloween post.. so I'm sorry for the delay :)  Jeff has been away for 10 days now and I've been on my own almost the entire time with the two munchkins. Jeff was lucky enough to get to travel to Chile for work and was able to take a little side trip to Mendoza, one of our favorite destinations. Lucky BUM!

My Mom came to visit for two days last week and it was so nice to spend time with her and have her help :) We got down to work when the kids were sleeping and she helped me paint the bricks in the playroom white. Photo to come.. She also spoiled me with yummy treats! I love my momma!

Mom and I took the munchkins to the pumpkin patch only to find a whole lotta rotting pumpkins!
This is with the bricks painted their new white :) They were the regular brick colours or black, grey and orangey/rust colour. Thanks momma!
Halloween wasn't as exciting as it might have been if Jeff had been home. I was exhausted from a busy day with the kids, Hudson had to nap, and Landon had to get out early to trick or treat. He had fun going from door to door but was only interested in going to 4 houses. Ah well, that's alright with me. We headed home and he had a blast handing out candy to the bigger kids, often asking them to come in and play with his toys and look at his diggers. A few of them attempted to run in and play but we steered them back to the door and off they went in tears :-p Guess we'll hide the toys next year.. ?

During the day we headed to our friend's place for a Halloween playdate and it was so nice to see the other mommies. The kids had a blast playing with all of the toys and I had a great time chatting :)

 Our Prince Ronald from The Paper Bag Princess

 All of the munchkins!

Our little Hudson gnome :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rainy Days

I've been holding on to Summer as long as possible but I think it's time to officially say good-bye! Rainy days are everyday lately and the leaves are all starting to change. Bring on the muddy buddies, leaf collections, and leaf jumping! The only difficulty is that I'm carrying Hudson in the front carrier and in order to keep him dry I need to hold an umbrella. Not a big deal, just means my hands are full either pushing the stroller or toting the wagon down to the neighbourhood park  :)
Here are two rainy day pics from our lovely time out visiting my family on Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend doing whatever it is that you did! :)

Oranges and Yellows

I am SO loving the fall colours right now. The oranges, yellows, browns and reds are popping up every where and we're soaking it up. To help get our house a little more fall-like I did a cute pumpkin craft with the kids and we built a little scarecrow for our front porch out of Landon's clothes and a

Just down the road we have an awesome little park with a great maple tree full of changing leaves. We go there almost every day, especially lately because of the leaves, and jump, run, roll, throw.. you name it :) The kids love it and I love to take pics :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Scrap Happy!

It felt like I would never get to scrapbooking the arrival of our little Hudson! Somehow, however, I  managed to squeeze in some much needed scrapping time and I'm almost up to date with all of his photos. For Landon I scrapbooked his first year of life in a special album that I plan on giving him as a keepsake when he is older. So of course I'm doing the same for this little monkey! Here are just a few of the pages I have done and some new ideas i've used.. they're not all totally done as I am going to add in his hospital card and bracelets too :) Yay for scrapbooking!

Hudson hanging out while momma scrapbooks! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mason Jar Jack-o-lanterns!

I've been cruising around Pinterest now for about a month or so and I've added so many great idea photos to my boards. At times it seems like it's quite a waste of time as I seem to spend hours on it each week.. but I'm getting ideas that I will use someday, right? Right! With a new little baby I haven't had quite the same amount of crafting/DIY/me time as I had prior to him arriving and just now I'm finally getting some more time to do neat little things. Finally I can prove to myself, and other skeptics, that this lovely time wasting site is full of AWESOME ideas :)
So here is the first thing I have attempted - mason jar jack-o-lanterns!

I started out with a collection of mason jars from the pantry and scrounged around through my lovely tissue paper collection to find some great Fall colours. I created a modge podge with water and white glue and glued the paper to the jars.

After they were dry I cut some cute faces and glued em on, and voila! I would like to get some other colours of ribbon for the tops of a few of the jars, but that can wait. Now I need to find some tea lights and put them perhaps in the front window at nigh

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life with two monkeys!

Not too sure what to write about here.. i've been wanting to blog for weeks now but just haven't sat down to do anything about it. My boys are growing like weeds and I'm trying my best to soak it all up.

Reading a book with daddy

The summer was full of so many exciting and fun events that we did together both as a family and just myself and the boys. We were able to spend so much time with my mommy friends and their little ones, go camping, try out the local water parks and beaches, and spend some much needed time with family.

It has been interesting trying to split my time between the two boys, my social life, hobbies, housework, and my hubby. Thankfully I think my crazy pregnancy hormones have finally disappeared and the random crying has come to a halt! Halleluiah! Plus I'm feeling a tad more rested which means I can handle things a bit better overall... the house may not always be clean and the laundry isn't exactly always put away, but I'm enjoying my boys and this amazing journey we are all in together :)

Hudson and I on his first airplane ride. Off to Nelson to see my friends Brandie and Chris tie the knot!

Working with Dad
Bedtime with three boys (Linus included)... read a book and feed the cat treats!

My beautiful children. I'm so excited to watch them grow and learn :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Un Update & My Birth Story

Well, little Hudson is now 3 weeks old. Time sure does fly by! He's growing like a weed but I'm not too sure how much he actually weighs right now.. at birth he was 8lbs15oz and at the week 2 check up he was 9lbs 12 oz.. so yeah, doing just fine here in the milk department. I think he actually gets overwhelmed and starts to choke during my let down because there's just too much milk! We're still in the baby acne phase and I'm so ready for it to be over.. this poor little guy's face is a mess :(

Landon is doing well and slowly adjusting to life as a big brother. He definitely loves him and shows it with cute kisses and hugs. I'm pretty sure however that when my hands are full feeding or changing he still wants mommy's attention a little more so than he would have before. I'm thinking this is a pretty normal reaction for a two year old :) Thank goodness for feeling good too because we've been out and about I think four out of four days this week! Landon has his friends to play with, Hudson sleeps in the carrier, and Mommy gets to visit!

As for me, I feel pretty good :) I'm feeling fairly healed up and have been back on the keegle train. When you realize that you are peeing your pants you know it's time to start exercising again :-p I've also started going for walks this week (like 30-40 min walks) in hopes that next week I can start running and/or going up and over Mt.Tolmie like I did after I had Landon. It's a huge hill that we can see from our place and I know it helped get my bum back in shape last time around :)

Now on to my birth story.. I better get it written down before I start to forget (yea right, like I could forget an experience like that!).

My Birth Story
Well, on Tuesday July 5th I had a midwife appointment, my cervix measured super soft and 3cm dilated. The midwife suggested that I try the castor oil route (I was 5 days overdue). So that night I mixed up my orange juice and castor oil concoction in the magic bullet and left it in the fridge ready to go for my early morning drink.

I set my alarm for 4am (as suggested by the midwife. Get a big long sleep in before you try it!) and mixed up the concoction once more before I gulped it down. I was told it would take an hour or two for anything to happen so I should just go back to bed. Well.. that didn't work so well. Instead, at 4:05 I had my first contraction. Freaky! Maybe it worked a little too well? Not sure.. or perhaps my body was just so ready it just tipped it over the edge very quickly? Anywho.. contractions continued, and so did my visits to the washroom(this is what castor oil does - causes contractions of the uterus and bowel area). I didn't mind it too much as it was manageable except for the light nausea that I had for a few hours. Contractions started pretty intense and were 4-5 min apart right off the bat.

Labouring through contractions for the first 4 hours or so was almost.. I hate to say it, but.. easy!? The contractions hurt so much, but this little baby of mine was not posterior, and therefore, I could actually relax between contractions. Landon had been posterior, so even between contractions I had intense back pain. At 7 or 8 my friend Michelle came and took Landon to her house to play(Thanks Michelle!), and Jeff and I talked to the midwife and decided it was time to head to the hospital. By this time the contractions were a bit closer together.. maybe 2.5-3 minutes apart and getting pretty intense. The car ride was yucky, and I got a little freaked out when Jeff yelled back saying that he had missed the exit! AHH! It turned out fine, but was definitely a moment of panic.

We arrived at the hospital, got our room, hooked up to the monitor, and our midwife met us there. I was checked and measured only 5cm, but went up to 7cm during contractions. I'm not sure exactly what time this was at.. but I laboured for a bit more (maybe an hour.. ?) and suddenly started feeling the urge to push. The midwife checked me again and I was 10cm! Woo! She then broke my waters with a chopstick like object and then I was ready to go! I just love how I could actually talk and joke between contractions!

Pushing was interesting.. it was like it was my first time since with Landon I had had an epidural. Surprisingly it didn't really hurt.. until later on of course :-p I pushed in quite the array of places too.. washroom, beside the bed, on the bed, squatting.. After 2 hours of pushing they were obliged to call in an obstetrician. I'm not sure if that was only because it was a VBAC or if that is standard for all births.. Anywho, they told me that they were going to get him in 15 min, and that could mean using alternative methods of getting baby out. So out came the mirror to urge me on.

Thankfully I started making some good progress pretty quickly and the obstetrician was okay with me continuing on. He suggested using a vacuum but once he heard about my previous vacuum experience he held back. I was considering it even though I knew that if it didn't work I would end up with a c-section.. Thankfully Jeff was there to talk some sense in to me and pretty much tell the midwife and OB to zip it and that I had loads of energy left! Thanks for believing in me hunny! :) Anywho.. onward I went and after 2 hours and 45 min little Hudson began arriving.!? I don't mean to be too graphic.. but the image that will never leave me is while in the pushing stage, looking at the mirror and seeing his head there.. eyes closed. I said something like " ahh! What if there isn't another contraction and he doesn't come all the way out'!? .. the OB responded with "well then I guess he only gets half a name" :-p... I think another quote of mine was " Who does this!?!?" (i think that was during the ring of fire :-p ) .

Out our baby boy came, and his beautiful slimy body was put on my chest. The feeling that I have longed to experience.. pushing out a baby and holding him skin to skin, me crying with a huge smile on my face and Jeff there at my side :)

I'm so happy that you are in our life Hudson. I cannot wait to spend countless times feeding you, gazing at you, smiling with you, tickling you and just being with you :)

I hope there weren't too many spelling mistakes in there! :) Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mommy's Little Photo shoot :)

Today I had a professional photographer come in to our house and take some lovely photos of our new little bundle. I've always wanted to be a good baby photographer, and really wish I had some great newborn photos of Landon. So this time around, I splurged a bit and hired someone. However, I can't help trying some things on my own.. and after watching what she did I gave it another try. I know I only have about the first 10 days of his life to really capture that newborn look and put him in all kinds of funny arrangements, so I thought I better get started!

Here are a few photos that that I got from our little mini shoot today :)