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The people were such an important part of our experience


I was too busy loving all things French to blog...

It's been a while. I was busy. Life was wild. I was having way too much fun. France was amazing, end of story. Maybe I decided to stop blogging because if I blogged then it felt like time was passing, and I didn't want any time to pass. I wanted to stop time and soak up every last scent of thyme in the mountains, every view of the Dentelles, every crumble of my favorite tartilette framboise, every second of every bike ride, every awkward and special conversation in French, every bisous, every fun family moment, every moment that I was given to focus on myself and not think about my job, the house, or shuttling around children to activities.

I can't write this without crying.

I miss you so very much Beaumes-de-Venise.  Sitting here in Croatia on holidays it is hard to imagine not returning to your beautiful village filled with amazing people in a few days like after the other vacations. You have such a special place in my heart.

I think I have decided to write a series of p…