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The beautiful world of biking in France

Biking in France was a dream...💕💗💖💕
I want to get on the very smooth road bike and ride effortlessly up to La Roque-Alric right now… lift the bike above my head to fit through the bushes without scratching it (because it was way too fancy) and sit at the viewpoint for a little while. To look at the Dentelles (the lacy mountain range by our town), to think, to listen to music, to listen to the birds, maybe have a little cry if I need to, or even read my book. I always wanted to eat a pain au chocolate up there but never did it... Something about putting a lovely pastry in the back of my biking jersey didn’t appeal to me.I wish I had though; I could have washed the jersey easily but will never get back the chance to eat the pastry there.Well...not for a long while at least.