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Where to go.. ?

The house search has been taking over my brain for the past few months. Here are some questions that have been constantly running through my brain from the moment I wake up until the moment my eyes close.. much too late at night.. due to too much thinking! Who would have guessed it :-p Where to go? What type of house? How many bedrooms? Small town or bigger town? Does it have quick internet? Is there a grocery store? Not a corner store... Are there activities or rec centre or library? How about a weekly market? Does the town nearby have schools for the children? Will the children actually be allowed to attend the school? I hope to ride bikes.. is it super hilly? How many minutes from a larger town is it? Is there transit to the larger town or will we need a car? How far from the nearest airport? Where does that airport fly to? I have been emailing and googling and google street viewing and searching blogs for ideas... my brain is done and I think we have found someth