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The beautiful world of biking in France

Biking in France was a dream...💕💗💖💕 I want to get on the very smooth road bike and ride effortlessly up to La Roque-Alric right now… lift the bike above my head to fit through the bushes without scratching it (because it was way too fancy) and sit at the viewpoint for a little while. To look at the Dentelles (the lacy mountain range by our town), to think, to listen to music, to listen to the birds, maybe have a little cry if I need to, or even read my book. I always wanted to eat a pain au chocolate up there but never did it... Something about putting a lovely pastry in the back of my biking jersey didn’t appeal to me.   I wish I had though; I could have washed the jersey easily but will never get back the chance to eat the pastry there.   Well...not for a long while at least. Out on the beautiful little roads without cars, the most beautiful shade of blue sky, perfect puffy white clouds floating in the sky, with Ventoux always watching me as I glided bet

The people were such an important part of our experience

Merci à toutes les personnes qui nous ont souri.  À  toutes les personnes qui ont fait un  effort pour nous parler.  À  toutes les personnes qui nous ont acceptés  dans leur communauté.  Nous te remercions du fond du coeur 💕 From the moment we arrived in Beaumes-de-Venise we knew that the people that lived there would have an impact on our experience. We didn't know how much of an impact of course until time went on, but judging by our first trip to the grocery store U Express we quickly realized how sweet this French town's inhabitants were. If you're from Beaumes or have been there, I'm pretty sure you know what/whom I am speaking of.  As the days went on I slowly began to build connections, to give and receive more bonjours and bisous, to feel more comfortable attempting to use my limited knowledge of the French language. It took a while... maybe a month and a half? I remember the first mom from school that struck up a converstaion and it will c