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Living in France - January 2019!!

That's the plan.. to have an experience of a lifetime by living in France for 6 months. It still feels like a pipe dream.  Yet, with all of this research I'm doing via the internet and meeting those in person to discuss their travel experiences,  I think we're on the right track to success. We have always wanted to spend time living in another country, and we have always had the travel bug. While the kids have been young we haven't traveled like we used to, but we knew we wanted to show our children the world somehow. When we moved to Victoria, and then when our first was enrolled in French Immersion at our nearby school, everything seemed a little more possible. We would try to live in France for a year. So what happened to the one year hope you ask? Fear of not getting back into our catchment school and having to split the kids up at different schools when we return. This is still a risk of course, but fingers crossed that the fact we are only going for the second h