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Visas have been approved!

I can finally take a breath and let all of this excitement sink in. For several months I have been a ball of stress stressing over the approval of my leave from work and more importantly, the approval of our France Visas. In order to stay in France (or any Schengen Country ) for more than 3 months, you must have a visa.  When I first started researching the visa process it seemed a little overwhelming, but definitely doable.  My research told me that the earliest I could apply for our Visas was 90 days before our entrance into the Shengen Area (France). Alright.. so I enjoyed our summer and then logged back in to start our Visa applications in September. ... uh oh! Things had changed. The French Consulate had handed over all of the interview and first steps of the Visa process to a private company called VFS. All of the required documents had changed, the application process was different, and the reviews online said horrible things about VFS. The wait time for visas