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Are we really doing this?

We are at the 35 days until we go marker and it feels weird.  Who's idea was this? To stop everything we know and do and move across the world to live somewhere foreign, where no one speaks English, and we know no one or anything. Oh right.. it was my idea. It sounds amazing right? Jeff and I seem to be in a bit of a fog trying to prepare mentally and physically for this experience.  I think.. as everyone tells us.. it will be amazing! However, when you stop and think about all of the  things that you do that you will no longer be doing when in France, it's not worrisome, but it gets the wheels turning.. at all hours of the day. Lets just say that we haven't been sleeping too well over here. There aren't any specific major concerns.. just questions we are asking ourselves about what the day to day concerns might be. I feel like I am going to realize what I appreciate about our life here in pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure that friends & family will be one of