Where to go.. ?

The house search has been taking over my brain for the past few months. Here are some questions that have been constantly running through my brain from the moment I wake up until the moment my eyes close.. much too late at night.. due to too much thinking! Who would have guessed it :-p

Where to go?
What type of house?
How many bedrooms?
Small town or bigger town?
Does it have quick internet for Jeff?
Is there a grocery store? Not a corner store...
Are there activities or rec centre or library?
How about a weekly market?
Does the town nearby have schools for the children?
Will the children actually be allowed to attend the school?
I hope to ride bikes.. is it super hilly?
How many minutes from a larger town is it?
Is there transit to the larger town or will we need a car?
How far from the nearest airport?
Where does that airport fly to?
Can we go somewhere warm from that airport?

I have been emailing and googling and google street viewing and searching blogs for ideas... my brain is done and I think we have found something! Phew!

I had ruled out Provence  several months ago due to the prices that I had seen when searching for a rental. I moved further south west in my search as it seemed that long term rentals were more affordable yet I had never really let go of my desire to spend time in Provence.  After speaking with a few families that spent part of their sabbaticals with young children in Provence.. I headed back on a whim to search. It's a little misleading when you search for accommodation on VRBO or Air BnB when you look at the nightly rate. However, when you email the owners for a 6 month rental price, the numbers are much more pleasing to the eye. I had done this a bunch in the South West but hadn't done it in Provence.  Anyways, we found a sweet little town that two families I know could vouch for that is located in a lovely little area near the Dentelles Montmirail mountain range. It meets my list of criteria and appears to have a very on the ball property owner whom has already upgraded his internet to meet our needs. Oh, and it is an area with tons of hiking, biking, rock climbing and TONS of vineyards surrounding the village an covering the hillsides... 🍷🍷🍷

Hopefully in the coming weeks we can fully commit and put all of this property searching behind me :)