Our Family of Five

I know it's been a while since i've posted anything. There have been so many moments that I have wanted to record, to write about and always be able to look back and remember sweet moments with our munchkins. However, I am flipping busy and definitely tired! I've tried to snap more photos lately of moments instead of just those fake cheesey smiles (even though I love those too). Anyways.. here is a bit of info about what's going on in our lives right now :)

Our Summer was busy but sweet. We did a lot of lovely things with friends and family that I will hopefully remember though photos because I was a tad sleep deprived to remember them otherwise.
The kids and I spent a week at my parents, we all spent a few weekends at Jeff's parents cabin, we attempted camping with a very young baby at Port Renfrew and failed miserably.. well.. I thought so at least. Lots of cute little trips to the beach, petting farms, sprinkler running, picking berries from the garden, bike rides to the park, and tons of time in the backyard pool where L learned to swim!

Since Summer ended we have been getting back into a routine just as most families do I assume. L is back at preschool three days a week and has also started Judo lessons once a week. I have also been taking H and E to Music Together class once a week. Jeff has been playing Ultimate Frisbee but definitely not as hardcore as he was this past Spring and Summer.. thank goodness! It's so nice to have him home more often in the evenings.  I've also started this super fun DanceFix class that's very high energy and makes you sweat like crazy! 

On to our little baby girl - she's a sweetie pie with an adorable smile. The boys love her and enjoy holding her every once in a while. As she grows and changes they become a little more interested in her. However, today I told them that she would soon be crawling around taking their things and they didn't seem too impressed.
H is at an adorable age where he is slowly moving out of the tantrum phase and becoming a good listener, helping clean up after himself without being asked, and often asking for hugs! I love it!

Some cute H sayings as of late:
- There's a tummy ache in my throat
- Talking to the sometimes broken tv he says 'come on TV! You know you can do it!"
I knew I should have written them down :( More to follow! He says the cutest things.

L is one bright little boy who definitely does not let on to everyone around him that he is. He's been very physical lately, lots of crazy sounds, and definitely acting out a bit. However.. It seems that this is pretty par for the course in terms of 4 year old boys :) He has also been showing us his very sweet and thoughtful side lately. He has just started to get a bit excited about learning to read, learning new information, and learning French.

Oh right... I did also just go on a big trip to Australia to visit with my Sister and her partner Nev. E and I went for 2.5 weeks and left all the boys back at home to spend lots of precious time with Grandparents.  We went to Melbourne, explored the city, spent lots of time with my sis, saw where she lives and works, and overall had a lovely time :)

And yes they are expecting their first baby in January! I wish she lived much closer but I know she is happy there and her and Nev have a wonderful life together. I can't wait to hear about the arrival of my little niece or nephew! It was such a treat to be able to see her pregnant and also bring her lots of maternity clothes and baby paraphernalia :)

I suppose that sums up the basics of the past 5 months or so :-p  Life is good.. it's fun, it's silly, it's special, it's frustrating, it's a little chaotic at times, but I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world :) I definitely wouldn't mind for time to slow down a bit.
 Maybe one day i'll be a fantastic writer.. but until then you will have to suffer through my crappy writing :) Thanks for reading!

   Off to Summer camp!  

                                                               Trying on cute outfits

                                                              Me and my three munchkins :)

                                                        One of many ice cream moments
The boys love lying in the crib with E

                                                                  More crib cuddles :)

                                               Loving the matchy matchy at the water park

 On our way to preschool one morning in September - H is in the front seat  

                                        E chilling out at our camping spot in Port Renfrew

                                                    The boys on a ride at the Saanich Fair

                                     Jeff wearing the sweet baby sling while eating :)

                                                 Baby bed for the weekend at the cabin!

                                            Lazy pool afternoons.. I think this was one of my most favourite moments from the Summer. I must have snuck in about a dozen of these with the boys while E napped. It was especially nice during a hot spell we had when the pool temperature rose to 90 degrees.. hot tub fun in the sun!

Adidas track suits are back in!

                                                              The Great Ocean Road!

                                                A day at the races with my sis and E :)

Our little five month old! Where did the time go!?! Oh right.. I spent it bouncing and patting this little difficult sleeper to sleep :-p Thank goodness she seems to be turning in to a pretty good sleeper as of late :) 
                                                                   Our family of five :)


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