Roussillon & Les Sentier des Ocres

We spent a lovely morning in Roussillon at the end of February and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful reddish orange Sentiers des Ocres and the lack of tourists. The weather has been so lovely to see some special places before they are packed with visitors like us. This town was just short of an hour drive from our place but we felt that it was worth it :) 

A little info on Roussillon: 
Situated in the heart of one of the biggest ochre deposits in the world, Roussillon is famous for its magnificent red cliffs and ochre quarries.

The red, yellow and brown shades of the earth form a striking contrast with the lush green pinetrees. The vivid blue of the Provençal sky and the exceptional quality of light make this a magical site.- very true!

The trail wasn't quite as long as we would have loved it to be but it was enjoyable and oh so beautiful :) 

As you can see in the photos the town is filled with beautiful shades of pink, red and orange. 

Not the longest blog post but I really wanted to share the colours in these photos with you all :)


  1. The colours are so gorgeous and rich! Great idea to explore and experience before it gets too busy! Enjoying your photos πŸ‘Œ


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