Settling in

Here we are... we have arrived in the South of France! Thankfully the trip over wasn't too eventful yet sadly I think each of us only got about 2-3 hours of sleep within the 24 hours of travel. The boys don't seem too effected by the time change but E is waking up once a night and Jeff is not sleeping well at all. Hopefully we will be back to our regular sleeping schedule in a few days :) 

We rented a car in Marseille when we arrived and Jeff had the pleasure of driving the speedy roads and roundabouts to our place an hour away. Yesterday and today we have spent time testing out our bikes, checking out the village (a small village of 2,200 inhabitants), settling into our new house, and chatting with our landlord. It has been great to use my French skills! If my UVIC French teachers are reading this, merci! 

The kids are a little nervous about starting school on Monday but I think they will do well, and I'm ready to have some downtime of my own. We had a look at their school yesterday and it looks very interesting. The classrooms open up to a courtyard that also serves as a space for physical education.  The space for hanging backpacks and jackets is outside as well as the washrooms and the hand washing station. Fingers crossed that is all goes smoothly!

Last night we discovered the real reason for bars on the windows and very thick shutters... the wind! Perhaps this is the famous mistral that I have read so much about in books over the years? I will have to inquire!  - Okay. ... I inquired. It's the mistral, just blowing at 100km/h through our area. hmmm...Another day or so of this and then it should settle down apparently. Exciting!

The old town

The old fountain in our town from the 1600's. 

Flying over Mt.Ventoux


  1. Looks so beautiful! Been thinking of you guys - can't wait to hear all about school over there. Say hi to the kids from their Doncaster family!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I've just posted a little update about the school here :) I will tell them you say hi!

  2. Are you in Perne La Fountaine? Narisse, Jadzia my sister and her husband spent 2 weeks, just a five minute drive away. There are so many great bakeries in the village. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks for the message Madame Christensen :) We are fairly close to Pernes les Fontaines, just 20 minutes away! We will have to try out their bakeries for sure :)


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