One month in and feeling good!

Wow.. time flies when you're having a great time!  As of today we have been living here for a month 😬 WOW! Is it weird that I almost feel a panic coming on...? I have so many things I want to do still and I find myself wanting to do it all at once as if i'm going to miss out!

We had a car for the first week but then for the past three weeks we have been living by bike. This has meant that we ride with the kids to school and back and I don't jet out in the evening for groceries because it's way too dark to go on our road at night by bike. Getting groceries from the local store means stopping my shopping when the little basket is feeling heavy because I need to carry it on my back on the way home. It has meant that I think about everything I am buying (only groceries, a few bus tickets and biking gloves for the kids).  Today Jeff and I went to the neighbouring town by bus to pick up a rental car that we will have for almost a month. I'm excited to have a little more freedom and to explore a little further with the kids! 

I have loved not needing to go shopping for anything too major or have any major projects on the go. (however, I am itching to do some yard work and may have asked our landlord if he had a rake handy for raking haha. Thankfully we don't have any neighbours here that I can visibly see working on their yard to fuel my passion(you know who you are Victoria neighbours!).

This past week our landlord generously lent us some electric assist bikes to explore the surrounding area. Some of the towns we rode through were towns that were on my list of places to consider living in for this 6 month period.  It was so lovely to finally step foot in them :) In particular the town of BΓ©doin where some friends of ours spent time a few years ago that I had heard so many wonderful things about. We stopped there to see where their children had gone to school and devoured some delicious pizza. The photos I post won't do these town justice but hopefully within the next five months I will ride these roads again without any help from electricity and take more pictures with things in bloom.

On our ride with electric assist bikes
It was so nice to see the other sides of the Dentelles
 A famous hill climb not too far from home. I wonder if can do this on a regular road bike?

A map of where we went :) 

 So many vines!

 In front of the school in BΓ©doin. Not too sure why I'm standing other than it was fun :-p 

 L testing out this mounted road bike along the Via Venaissia bike path

Fish soup from the market                                                                Traditional vegetable pie for dinner

Coq au vin - Traditional meal that the internet told us we had to try :-p Lots of hard work went into this one by L and Jeff

 E enjoying some playground time


  1. Keep it coming! I am so enjoying the posts and pictures!

    1. If you say so! I'm trying not to overdo it :) Thanks for reading!


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