He's how old? Wow.. I know I'm going to be doing this every birthday for each child.. but wow, time flies! This year we had a lot of fun planning our big guy's sixth birthday, a SPY birthday. All of the kids got rearview spy glasses and secret agent badges. We offered them stick on moustaches but not all were interested, they definitely were a bit itchy. 

Overall I think everything went pretty well :) The kids all had fun except L did say afterwards that he was disappointed in the taste of the fake cake :-p Oh well, you can't win em all. 

Our three secret agents :) Love them!

  Let the fun begin! Secret Agents begin training!

The bomb cake I made by icing a balloon with whipping cream.

The knife! 'L, now that you are six you can cut your own cake'. BOOM! He wasn't too impressed with it not being a real cake but definitely surprised! We had hid a clue under the balloon that let the kids know that the real cupcakes had been stolen and they needed to work together to find clues and find the cupcakes!

The first mission was to diffuse the bombs - aka - pop the balloons. Jeff hid the next clue in one of the balloons. The kids had to sneak through the laser maze and find the next clue in room #4. 

Jeff had prerecorded a video of himself with his voice changed and face blurred on his tablet. The kids were directed to go back through the laser maze (only way out of the house) and go work together to solve the secret message on the deck.


The kids solved the message which ended up being 'SAND BOX', off they went to search! The cupcakes were here :) 

The group :) Not our best photo of them all but here they are! 


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