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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rainy Days

I've been holding on to Summer as long as possible but I think it's time to officially say good-bye! Rainy days are everyday lately and the leaves are all starting to change. Bring on the muddy buddies, leaf collections, and leaf jumping! The only difficulty is that I'm carrying Hudson in the front carrier and in order to keep him dry I need to hold an umbrella. Not a big deal, just means my hands are full either pushing the stroller or toting the wagon down to the neighbourhood park  :)
Here are two rainy day pics from our lovely time out visiting my family on Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend doing whatever it is that you did! :)

Oranges and Yellows

I am SO loving the fall colours right now. The oranges, yellows, browns and reds are popping up every where and we're soaking it up. To help get our house a little more fall-like I did a cute pumpkin craft with the kids and we built a little scarecrow for our front porch out of Landon's clothes and a

Just down the road we have an awesome little park with a great maple tree full of changing leaves. We go there almost every day, especially lately because of the leaves, and jump, run, roll, throw.. you name it :) The kids love it and I love to take pics :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Scrap Happy!

It felt like I would never get to scrapbooking the arrival of our little Hudson! Somehow, however, I  managed to squeeze in some much needed scrapping time and I'm almost up to date with all of his photos. For Landon I scrapbooked his first year of life in a special album that I plan on giving him as a keepsake when he is older. So of course I'm doing the same for this little monkey! Here are just a few of the pages I have done and some new ideas i've used.. they're not all totally done as I am going to add in his hospital card and bracelets too :) Yay for scrapbooking!

Hudson hanging out while momma scrapbooks! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mason Jar Jack-o-lanterns!

I've been cruising around Pinterest now for about a month or so and I've added so many great idea photos to my boards. At times it seems like it's quite a waste of time as I seem to spend hours on it each week.. but I'm getting ideas that I will use someday, right? Right! With a new little baby I haven't had quite the same amount of crafting/DIY/me time as I had prior to him arriving and just now I'm finally getting some more time to do neat little things. Finally I can prove to myself, and other skeptics, that this lovely time wasting site is full of AWESOME ideas :)
So here is the first thing I have attempted - mason jar jack-o-lanterns!

I started out with a collection of mason jars from the pantry and scrounged around through my lovely tissue paper collection to find some great Fall colours. I created a modge podge with water and white glue and glued the paper to the jars.

After they were dry I cut some cute faces and glued em on, and voila! I would like to get some other colours of ribbon for the tops of a few of the jars, but that can wait. Now I need to find some tea lights and put them perhaps in the front window at nigh