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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Little Big Munchkin :)

Over the past week or so i've had a lot of extra one on one time with my little monkey :) Even though I'm waiting impatiently for baby boy to arrive, I'm very much so enjoying my time with Landon. We've been baking, visited the Shaw Discovery Centre, went to Beacon Hill Petting Farm, and spent a lot of time reading books and singing songs :)

Landon loves sitting in the new chair reading books to his animals. Showing his monkey the cookies we're baking.

Eating blueberries while the bookies bake. Ready to go outside with Dad's shoes, Mom's hat and his little helper apron :)

Oh how I love pink peonies :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

39 Weeks and 4 Days Along

Alright.. so I'm still waiting for this little guy to make his grand appearance and I'm starting to get impatient. It really doesn't help that Landon arrived at 37weeks 5 days so I've definitely never been this pregnant before nor had to feel like I was ever waiting for him to arrive.

I don't have much to complain about this pregnancy at all, which is great, but I'm just so ready to meet this little guy! All my back pain has dissapeared in the last week or so (probably because I stopped caring for the other little munchkins I was looking after), my tummy just feels heavy, I don't sleep the greatest, and Jeff and I both sort of feel like life is on hold at the moment.Every night we go to sleep thinking.. hmm maybe tonight is the night I'll wake up with contractions! :-p So yeah.. not exactly anything to complain about except that I'm getting anxious and want to meet him :)

I guess babys really do just come when they're ready:) I've been trying all kinds of things to help get my body ready but nothing has actually kickstarted labour yet. I've gone to a few sessions of induction accupuncture, been going for nice walks, doing squats, drinking red raspberry leaf tea like crazy, and taking homeopathic rememdies that are supposed to ready the body. Last night Jeff made a special Eggplant Parmesan meal that has a claim to fame of sending ladies in to labour within 2 days of eating it. I gobbled that up and then we went out to a hilarious movie to try that idea (a good gut buster might send you in to labour :-p ). It's not to say that these things arent getting the body ready because I know they are, which is awesome! Internal checks over the last 2 weeks have shown a really good change in the cervix and I"m over 2cm dilated which is great and should mean a shorter pre-labour! But come on body, pop this baby out!

Just maybe baby boy is waiting for his Aunty Amanda to arrive from Australia on the 1st of July :) It would be pretty cool for that to be the case, but really? Another week of waiting ?

I know I shouldn't be in such a hurry to start the crazy life with two munchkins.. I know it will be a bit chaotic at first. Also it could possibly be my last pregnancy.. which is sad to think that I might not ever have this awesome experience again. We'll see.. we're still thinking that there could be a number 3 baby Mottishaw, but we'll discuss that in a few months :-p

This is quite the rambling post! I had been meaning to blog for a few weeks now, but instead you get it all in one entry in a big blob.. sorry! I just had to get it all out :)

Well, that's all.. now we wait and enjoy life as a family of 3 for the last few days :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ready for Baby!

Well, i'm 36.5 weeks along now and I'm feeling pretty ready for this little munchkin to join our family :) I know it could be next week, or it could be 5 weeks from now, but nonetheless, i'm feeling good and ready. Over the past week or so i've had tons of Braxton hicks and lots of cramping which I know is just all prep for the big arrival. Landon arrived at 37.5 weeks so I guess he could be here pretty soon!

It's a very different feeling this time around. I know a beautiful baby will arrive (and hopefully be healthy), but I also know that there will be a lot of pain and discomfort for that to happen (if I don't end up with the dreaded c-section that is.. in that case it will be tons of after pain). It brings back so many horrible memories of pain and frustration of things not working last time around. So I'm excited, yet quite nervous. I know I can handle the pain since I was in labour for around 16 hours with Landon without meds before the interventions began, but it's still flipping scary and I know I have to keep an open mind about things! Here's also to hoping that baby boy isn't posterior. I've been trying so hard to make sure he stays in a good position by no relaxing on the couch, lots of yoga poses, and just being aware of where he is.. fingers crossed he stays in a good spot!

I'm still looking after the two little girls that I care for during the week but I'm making sure to take it easy a bit and adding in a few nice 'extras' like massages, chiropractor visits, and ice cream :-p. Next week I have my first acupuncture visit for some cervical ripening (not explaining this one :-p) and I've been taking a few homeopathic things to help get the body ready.. here's to hoping they help with something. I know there are all kinds of things thought to induce labour and it's not that I want baby to come before he's ready, I just want him to come before they are forced to do a c-section. In Victoria they will not medically induce you after having a previous c-section. So over the next few weeks i'll be trying a few things to get labour started.

Today I've got the house to myself with Jeff taking Landon out to Port Renfrew to visit his parents that are camping there. So i'm cleaning, organizing, and doing everything at my own pace and on my own schedule.. it's heavenly! You sure do forget what life was like before babies :)
Here is the latest photos of baby's room! I SO want to tell you his name (that we have been calling him since February or so) but we're keeping it a surprise :)