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Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's a BOY!

Well, there you have it, we're having a boy! I must say, it was sort of expected since this will be great grandson #8 out of a total of 8 great grand-children.. but we were still hopeful for a girl. However, two boys close together in age will be so adorable!

Two things I'm excited about at the moment - decorating the nursery in a somewhat more stylish way for this little guy, and buying some matching outfits for him and his big brother! Tacky you think? I think not! :-p

The ultrasound we went to was very clear and there is no way the tech messed this one up. hehe. Within five seconds of putting the machine on my belly to have a look we could see the outcome. It was so amazing watching the little guy move around! His legs were up by his head and he was holding on to his feet and knees :) He's a stretchy one! I'll put up a few new photos when the ultrasound place emails them to me later in the week. Oh, and his profile was soooo cute :)

What this boy #2 means you ask? It means that we'll see how life is after he arrives and if we're going for #3 or not. My guess is though that if we do try again for a girl we will for sure have three boys :) Oh well, the more the merrier right?

Okay, on to nursery inspiration! I'm thinking that we will go with turquoise, bright orange and chocolate brown with white furniture. Here are some photos :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Going to Be a Mommy Again :)

Well.. it became a little more real over the past week that we are going to be new parents again! The ultrasound was a little painful since I had to pee so badly, but besides that it went great :) We got to see our little munchkin on the big screen for the second time, but for the first time we could tell it was an actual baby (first time was at 7.5 weeks).

It was amazing watching it move it's arms and legs.. we didn't get to see that with Landon's ultrasound, so that was a treat. The tech was great; she showed us how she took the measurements and what the measurements meant in terms of development (all was great! I feel so lucky :)
She took a few photos for us and now they're hanging like beautiful artwork on our fridge.

This coming Saturday is the big reveal day. We have booked a private ultrasound to find out the gender. They no longer will tell you on Vancouver Island what the sex of your child is at a routine ultrasound. You need to book a private 2D or 3D ultrasound and pay the extra moola. Landon was a surprise, and that was fun and all, but I'm super excited to find out early with this one.
I know everyone wants a girl, it's very obvious, but you get what you get and whatever we get will be perfect :) If we have a girl then we will have a boy and girl = thumbs up! If we get a boy then Landon will have a brother to grow up with doing awesome little boy things with = thumbs up also!
So.. we'll see what happens! Fingers crossed that they can actually tell what it is and we don't have to wait longer :)

Pretend Play

For the past eight months or so our little guy has been enjoying pretend play so much! I love watching him pretend to eat, drive cars, go shopping, and whatever else he is doing that I can't quite understand sometimes. His little mind seems to be growing a mile a minute and I thought I would post some photos of him and his friend Hailey enjoying some pretend play with the tea set, food, and pots and pans :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Brrr.. Let's go back to Mexico!

Well, we're now back in the swing of things at home in this chilly weather! Well, it's not that chilly unless you compare it to the temperatures we were experiencing over the last two weeks in Mexico. We had a fabulous trip :) I just wish we had the beautiful ocean and weather that we had down there, but up here. I'll have to add some photos in the next few days.. no time to update more now :)