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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ultimate Scrapbooking Retreat

This past weekend I flew over to the mainland to join my momma on an ultimate scrapbooking retreat! We headed out to Loon Lake in Maple Ridge to join about 40 other women and their massive amounts of scrapbooking & card making supplies.

The lodges were immaculate.. just amazing! It's actually the location for Camp Goodtimes where a lot of BC's cancer patients spend time in the summer. The lake was pristine, calm, and ever so quiet.

We did get off our bums for a bit and go for a walk.. but not too far, as there had just been a bear spotting. The food.. oh my.. it was amazing, so many yummy things!

Most scrappers at the retreat were hardcore, and definitely regulars at this retreat. Supposedly it's one of the nicest of its kind.. so if you're in to scrapbooking, you should try this one out :)

Ooh, and we did fit in a card class too. There was also the choice of getting massages, facials, manicures, pedis, and crazy detox foot baths.. we skipped all that stuff and just stuck to scrapping.

Over the weekend my mom and I got a lot accomplished. She worked on her trip to Australia that she took last year and I worked on a bunch of photos from now up to this past May. Some were camping trips, others were just single pages about our little munchkin. I've included some photos so you can see what I got up to :)
The 'upper lodge' that we stayed in. The great group of ladies we shared our
scrapping room with.
The awesome view! Mom and I in the scrapping room

Some of my work :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So Many Changes!

Over the past month or so Jeff and I have seen so many changes in our little munchkin.. it's ridiculous! Around the 16 month mark he began walking and since then he gotten quite confident at walking, crouching, and stair climbing. He has started repeating everything, and quite clearly too! He's turned in to a little person.. answering questions with yes or no (even in the middle of the night when he wakes up!).

All of a sudden he has grown up.. which is nice I guess, and exciting, yet boy oh boy did it go by quickly. Baby fever is upon me! Not just because I loved the early months but also because I can't wait for Landon to be a great big brother. It doesn't help that a bunch of our friends are expecting. So happy that some of our friends will be joining us in parenthood :)

I'm itching to be able to post a few family photos of us that we had taken a week and a half ago but I have yet to receive any...
Hmm, what else is new...

My good friend Jen that I did the teaching program with back at SFU came to visit us this weekend and to run the 1/2 marathon. She ran it this morning and finished in a great time :) It was so nice to have her here. Right before Jeff and I moved to the Island we stayed with her and her parents for a few weeks while in transition and it felt like old times by having her here. I wish she lived a heck of a lot closer.

This weekend has been quite relaxing as we didn't have any big dinner plans with family... yet I am missing everyone a bit tonight. Oh well, we'll just take this weekend to relax, hopefully get some sleep, and save our family visits for another day :)

Here's a photo of our little walker at his future Elementary School playground : )