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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Organization Here I Come!

I've been obsessed these days with looking up organizational ideas on peoples blogs to get ideas and hear tips. I'm not too sure why but I've got this urge to be super organized and I figure I better start now if if I want to achieve this by time I'm 50 or so :-p .
I'll have to post some links along the side here of some of the best blogs I've found.

Organizational tasks I've done as of late:

- Re-organized the filing cabinet

- Got rid of all excess items on our main floor (papers, random items with no home, anything lying around that shouldn't be lying around) and put them either in the garbage or wherever else it made sense for them to be.

- Took almost everything out of the bins in Landon's change table and put them away in the closet or somewhere else where he can't reach them and artistically display them all over the floor :-p

Things I want to do soon:

- Re-organize the scrapbook room

- Do something with my crazy Tupperware/container cupboard.. it's insane.

- Re-do the linen closet

- the list is too long.. I could go on forever.. so i won't :)

Anyways, my goal is to do at least one thing a week that help me become more organized. We'll see how it goes :)

Summer Has Arrived!

It finally has arrived, and with a bang at that. It went from barely reading high teens to 30 degrees in a matter of days. That's alright, i'll take it!

It's just the one little girl that I am caring for now so the three of us are spending a lot of time together. I have two car seats so we're free to roam wherever the wind may take us, and boy does the wind blow here :)

Our Summer trips so far:
- Beckwith Playground & water park
- Crumsby's cupcake cafe
- Majestic Park
- Horner Park
- Willow's beach with Courtney & Isaac
- Our backyard to play around in the pool :)
- hmm.. where else.. the library
- The mall to check out the indoor play area & pet store
- Visiting the ducks up along the Cedar Hill Golf Course
- Kindergym
- not too sure if i've forgotten some or not..

Places we still need to go:
- Ocean Discovery Centre
- Tumblebums
- A bunch of playgrounds & water parks
- forgetting what else I had on my list...