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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daycare Diva!

And so my new life as a daycare provider begins! Adios mat leave, well.. technically not yet, and technically I wont officially start my daycare until May 1st. But really, i'll be doing what then what I started doing this week, caring for another or two other kidlets besides my own.

So far everything has been going great! The boys are getting along well, playing nice, and are pretty mellow for most of the day. Landon still seems to get pretty tired and overwhelmed from having another munchkin running circles around him all day, but that is to be expected.. heck, he's having his 3rd nap of the day right now. It will definitely take some adjustment time for him.

I do miss my downtime though.. Landon usually naps throughout the day for a combined time of about 3-4 hours where I get a lot of things done around the house. He is still napping for about that amount of time, but while he is asleep, the other is awake.. hopefully someday their naps will coordinate. The longest I have had them overlap thus far is 30 min :-p Enough to sit down and eat my sandwich and make a cup of tea.. but not drink it hehe.

We've been out and about each day as hanging out in the main area downstairs can get a little boring for a few hours straight. So far we've gone to see the ducks along the golf course, visited two playgrounds, chatted with neighbours and walked down random streets. Tomorrow we're off to another park that I have yet to visit, it should be interesting :)

Here are a few photos of the little tykes getting used to the new setup!
I'm hoping that Landon will benefit from having someone to watch and imitate that is a tad bit older and is doing new things.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ferry Rides with Landon

One thing I always look forward to when I have plans of heading to the mainland, is enjoying the ferry ride with Landon. It's a time when I get to spend every momment enjoying him, not thinking about the laundry that needs to be done, or the floor that needs sweeping.

What I really love about the ferry rides is that because we only go every month or so, Landon has changed so much between trips. He has different interests every time, different things catch his interest, and he always shows me a new side of him. This past trip he was busy watching the older children run around the boat, and was fascinated watching all of the other people eat in the cafeteria, and felt it was necessary to wave at everyone that walked by.

I'm excited ride back home with him in a few days and soak up all of his adorableness :)