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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby #2 Is in the oven :)

I'm so happy to announce that baby Mottishaw #2 is in the oven! As of right now I am 14 weeks along and I hope this little one sticks, it sure feels like it will :) The official due date is June 30th, but who knows.. this one could be early like Landon.. or.. late :-p After the miscarriage I was pretty freaked out about having another one but for some reason this little baby was just meant to stick! Over the past few months I've been sick most days but nothing too horrible. I actually welcome the preggo symptoms as it gives me a nice reminder of the fact that the baby is still in there and growing.

I've heard the heartbeat a few times now at the midwife and we had an early ultrasound at 7.5 weeks just to make sure all was okay. At the start of February we have our routine ultrasound and later on that month we hope to find out the sex! That's right, no surprises this time! I have an inkling that it's a little boy in there.. but we'll soon find out!

Just over the last few days the belly has really started to pop out.. I'm thinking that I will definitely be bigger this time around. Anyways..besides the extra weight I've put on already I'm feeling great and I LOVE being pregnant again :)

As for names we've been tossing a few boys names around but we haven't decided on anything.. and even if we had it would still be a surprise! So no, i'm not telling you :)

The job before June is to move Landon in to his big boy room and get the nursery up and running for the new little on to arrive. I think it will involve some new paint, an attempt at sewing, and a trip to Ikea :)

My 12 week belly! Our blue eyed beautiful boy at 20 months

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ultimate Scrapbooking Retreat

This past weekend I flew over to the mainland to join my momma on an ultimate scrapbooking retreat! We headed out to Loon Lake in Maple Ridge to join about 40 other women and their massive amounts of scrapbooking & card making supplies.

The lodges were immaculate.. just amazing! It's actually the location for Camp Goodtimes where a lot of BC's cancer patients spend time in the summer. The lake was pristine, calm, and ever so quiet.

We did get off our bums for a bit and go for a walk.. but not too far, as there had just been a bear spotting. The food.. oh my.. it was amazing, so many yummy things!

Most scrappers at the retreat were hardcore, and definitely regulars at this retreat. Supposedly it's one of the nicest of its kind.. so if you're in to scrapbooking, you should try this one out :)

Ooh, and we did fit in a card class too. There was also the choice of getting massages, facials, manicures, pedis, and crazy detox foot baths.. we skipped all that stuff and just stuck to scrapping.

Over the weekend my mom and I got a lot accomplished. She worked on her trip to Australia that she took last year and I worked on a bunch of photos from now up to this past May. Some were camping trips, others were just single pages about our little munchkin. I've included some photos so you can see what I got up to :)
The 'upper lodge' that we stayed in. The great group of ladies we shared our
scrapping room with.
The awesome view! Mom and I in the scrapping room

Some of my work :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So Many Changes!

Over the past month or so Jeff and I have seen so many changes in our little munchkin.. it's ridiculous! Around the 16 month mark he began walking and since then he gotten quite confident at walking, crouching, and stair climbing. He has started repeating everything, and quite clearly too! He's turned in to a little person.. answering questions with yes or no (even in the middle of the night when he wakes up!).

All of a sudden he has grown up.. which is nice I guess, and exciting, yet boy oh boy did it go by quickly. Baby fever is upon me! Not just because I loved the early months but also because I can't wait for Landon to be a great big brother. It doesn't help that a bunch of our friends are expecting. So happy that some of our friends will be joining us in parenthood :)

I'm itching to be able to post a few family photos of us that we had taken a week and a half ago but I have yet to receive any...
Hmm, what else is new...

My good friend Jen that I did the teaching program with back at SFU came to visit us this weekend and to run the 1/2 marathon. She ran it this morning and finished in a great time :) It was so nice to have her here. Right before Jeff and I moved to the Island we stayed with her and her parents for a few weeks while in transition and it felt like old times by having her here. I wish she lived a heck of a lot closer.

This weekend has been quite relaxing as we didn't have any big dinner plans with family... yet I am missing everyone a bit tonight. Oh well, we'll just take this weekend to relax, hopefully get some sleep, and save our family visits for another day :)

Here's a photo of our little walker at his future Elementary School playground : )

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

16 things about Landon

Our little Landon is now 16 months, and has been for a week or two now, but I thought I would write down 16 things that I love about him...

1. His amazing red hair
2. His open mouth kisses
3. The proud look on his face when he walks
4. The way he snuggles with the kitty.. or steam rolls him
5. His long eyelashes
6. The adorable dimples
7. The way he calls for the kitty
8. When you ask him if he wants to go to bed he signs 'please'
9. If you ask him if he wants a snack he makes this happy sound, meaning YES!
10. He loves anything crocheted, even some of my scarves, but especially blankets
11. He says 'bok bok' for chicken, 'baaa' for sheep, and 'kak kak' for ducks :)
12. He gives his dad snuggles
13. He loves to play in the dirt, any dirt, anywhere.. he'll find it!
14. His favorite toys lately have been any types of trucks.. vrrrroooom
15. Oh.. he sleeps through the night, and has been doing so for months now, but I love it!
16. He just melts my heart and I want to gobble him up every time I hear or see him

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bob the Bobcat

Over the past two weeks there have been work crews building a new sidewalk on the road near our house. So close in fact that you can see them working if you look out the window. The kids can hear the machines going by and it has gotten to the point where when they hear a machine they start pointing to the window, yelling 'BOB' for Bobcat(which I taught them just a day or two ago), and if I don't lift them up to look out they just lose it! It's quite adorable actually :)

So instead of lifting them up and having the other one get jealous I have pushed the couch over to the window and stuck the munchkins on top so they can look out the window at the same time. They point, say Bob, chat with each other and are truly enthralled with the whole thing, it's just priceless!

Here are a few photos of the kids enjoying their view.

Every few weeks or months I tend to find someone's blog that I just LOVE! It has happened again people... this blog has just sucked me right in! A lovely woman writes about her family and what goes on in their daily life.. or every few days I guess. It also helps that she has an awesome life with a great vision for design and is also a wonderful photographer.. oh, and she has two amazing munchkins and one more on the way. I'm inspired by her design choices for both her house and her kids' wardrobes.. my goal is to get my munchkins to look at least 1/5th as stylish as hers but perhaps for a little less money (since i'm so darn cheap!).
It just makes me feel like I'm off in her little lovely world and it's quite fun!
A link to her lovely blog:

Here is our adorable baby boy sporting some cutie pie clothes... this is what the blogger I'm liking lately has inspired me to go and dress him like. Her little boy is always sporting the converse shoes with collared shirts :) Love it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Rug & Tupperware Exploration :)

Well, I had been dreaming of this rug ever since my brother and sister in-law bought the same one a few months back. When you stand on it your feet just melt.. it's amazing. It's thick and fluffy and something I now look forward to at the end of the day :) Here are a few photos of Landon and Linus enjoying it.

I've always steered Landon away from my Tupperware cupboard for reasons such as not wanting or having time to clean it up afterward. So tonight I let him go at it and it was a mess, but insanely adorable :) Now he's given it a whirl and I've got some cute photos.. so perhaps we'll stick a lock on it now :)

Not a super exciting post, but that's life for ya!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life Goes on.. and with a smile too!

Well, with that not so exciting event that happened a few weeks back I thought the rest of my summer was doomed. But it has been picking up like I had never thought it would :)

We've done all kinds of fun things, including one amazing night out with some girlfriends that I could definitely not have done if I was preggo. I'm talking, feeling like I'm 18 dancing on speakers at the club kind of night people! We've visited my family & friends in Chilliwack , had my cousin and her kids visit us in Victoria, spent time with my mom while she competed in Dragon Boating here in Victoria, and now I have my three lovely aunties in Victoria for a few days. The Island is lovely and all, but I need to stop making excuses for not getting off it more often, I love seeing my family and friends. Thankfully so many of them have come to see me :)

I'm finally reading a book! I haven't done much in terms of reading for pleasure in the last year or two. I find it hard to find a book that I'm really in to. I'm just about finished Eat Pray Love. Gotta get this one finished in time to watch the movie in theaters :)

I know.. my posts aren't really about anything, they're about everything. Just my weird way of communicating I guess.

I'm so pleased with my gardening as of late! The gardens around the house are finally starting to take shape and make our place a little more homey and a little less.. unorganized and blah! By next year I plan on having the back fence replaced, cedars planted along the back, a few new trees planted, a gate installed(darn deer), perhaps a deck built (i really hope so), and maybe one of those pergola things built in the back corner that I can hang a hammock from. Long list.. but totally doable! Oh yeah, and I'm starting to work on our crappy lawn.. we have about 5000 dandelions taking over at the moment and my goal is to get rid of them and have a nicer lawn by the end of next summer! My friends Michelle and Dennis have a lawn that is quite inspiring :)

Anywho.. the aunties should be here any minute, so I better get this place in tip top shape :)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Loss

I'm not too sure if this is appropriate to talk about on here or not, but I feel like I need to get it out. I'm not looking for comments or to weird people out, or whatever you may think.. I'm just hoping to get some of my thoughts and feelings down in writing. And if you want to read, be my guest :)

Anyways.. over the past few weeks I had been so very excited of the fact that I was pregnant. Yes, preggo, and feeling wonderful. Everything was going great until just over a week ago, when I was 7.5 weeks along. We had headed out to Port Renfrew to go camping with family and friends and were so excited to finally be there.. and to be camping for the first time with our son. It happened on Saturday while my husband was out fishing for the day. I had a miscarriage :( Thankfully I had my mother-in-law to be there for me while I dealt with everything, and my little munchkin to give me hope. I ended up having an ultrasound a few days later to confirm everything that we already knew. I'll spare you the details.. but boy oh boy.. it was horrible, both physically and emotionally.

It has been so hard trying to wrap my head around everything that has happened.. why? why me? why now? what was wrong? did I do something to cause this? and the questions keep on flowing.. I know a bit about it now as I've done a little research and have been in touch with a lot of other people via on line forums that have experience similar misfortunes. I know how frequently it happens and am quite surprised, yet also a bit relieved that it can happen in as many as 1 in 5 pregnancies.

What I find hard to understand is that no one talks about it publicly. It's a huge event in someone's life and I just don't know why it's not more out in the open. Obviously it's very personal, and quite awkward, but it also effects you so much .. anyways, I'm feeling better with each day that goes by, and am so very thankful that I have Landon. Thankful for the fact that he is here, and that it gives me some reassurance that yes my body does work! I'm still sad.. still frustrated, still disappointed, and the anger has subsided a bit thankfully. I'll just keep taking it one day at a time and hopefully we can get through this in one piece :)

Thanks for reading :)

Following Through

Well, over the past few weeks I really have been following through with my desire to get this darn place organized! My sister Amanda came to visit from Australia and she really got me going on this organization thing. She just has so much darn energy, I don't know how she does it.. oh wait, she is young and doesn't have any kids.. that'll do it!

Anywho, we organized almost every cupboard and drawer in the kitchen! It felt sooo good! I got rid of all the crap I didn't need and tried to put things in more appropriate spots. We then moved on to the linen closet where I bought a few Rubbermaid containers to hold a few things we don't use too often. The closet is super organized and actually functional! Woo :)

I think next on my organizational list is defintely the garage.. this is going to be a big one. I mean.. huge.. our garage is a disaster! My husband is going away for a few days coming up so I think I'll tackle it one night when I'm bored.. we'll see how I do. I've already called a service to pick up my unwanted clothes and other goods free of charge! Thinking ahead for once :)

That's all for this topic :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Organization Here I Come!

I've been obsessed these days with looking up organizational ideas on peoples blogs to get ideas and hear tips. I'm not too sure why but I've got this urge to be super organized and I figure I better start now if if I want to achieve this by time I'm 50 or so :-p .
I'll have to post some links along the side here of some of the best blogs I've found.

Organizational tasks I've done as of late:

- Re-organized the filing cabinet

- Got rid of all excess items on our main floor (papers, random items with no home, anything lying around that shouldn't be lying around) and put them either in the garbage or wherever else it made sense for them to be.

- Took almost everything out of the bins in Landon's change table and put them away in the closet or somewhere else where he can't reach them and artistically display them all over the floor :-p

Things I want to do soon:

- Re-organize the scrapbook room

- Do something with my crazy Tupperware/container cupboard.. it's insane.

- Re-do the linen closet

- the list is too long.. I could go on forever.. so i won't :)

Anyways, my goal is to do at least one thing a week that help me become more organized. We'll see how it goes :)

Summer Has Arrived!

It finally has arrived, and with a bang at that. It went from barely reading high teens to 30 degrees in a matter of days. That's alright, i'll take it!

It's just the one little girl that I am caring for now so the three of us are spending a lot of time together. I have two car seats so we're free to roam wherever the wind may take us, and boy does the wind blow here :)

Our Summer trips so far:
- Beckwith Playground & water park
- Crumsby's cupcake cafe
- Majestic Park
- Horner Park
- Willow's beach with Courtney & Isaac
- Our backyard to play around in the pool :)
- hmm.. where else.. the library
- The mall to check out the indoor play area & pet store
- Visiting the ducks up along the Cedar Hill Golf Course
- Kindergym
- not too sure if i've forgotten some or not..

Places we still need to go:
- Ocean Discovery Centre
- Tumblebums
- A bunch of playgrounds & water parks
- forgetting what else I had on my list...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

The title is a saying that I am going to hang up somewhere in my house.. as soon as it arrives in the mail that is. I've obviously been stressing way too much as of late. These last few months have been filled to the brim with exciting activities, new and eventful days, as well as new kids that I am caring for. I need to take one day, or even one hour at a time, keep calm and carry on.. and remind myself that I cannot do everything. I'm not Super Woman for goodness sake. I'm trying to do too much. Keep the house clean, provide fun and loving days to both Landon and other children I care for, make dinners, grocery shop, the usual mom stuff plus some small renos. I guess what I'm really trying to do is find my groove as a Mom that works from home.

Landon is growing like a weed and constantly keeping me on my toes. It's quite amazing how fast he can get in to things :) Over the weekend he developed this new laugh and smile! How strange :) But it's absolutely adorable and now he laughs at things he does when he is on his own. Nice to know he has a sense of humor already.

Anyway.. it's short and sweet today!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Elyse

I did a little photo shoot with baby Elyse and her proud momma Jill the other day. Here are a few of my favorites. I'm hoping to do another shoot in the near future and hopefully try out some different lighting.. might be hard since I don't own any fancy studio lights.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A year ago now..

Well, it has almost been a year since a beautiful new chapter of my life began. I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming a mother over the past year and learning so many amazing things about life along the way. I'm just sitting here reminiscing so I thought I would write some of it down :)

A year ago now I had no idea what was to come.. like no idea.. at all. I thought I knew what it would be like to have a child, to get up at night to feed, to breastfeed, let's not even talk about labour.. but really, I knew nothing at all. Weird how that happens. You read books, blogs, and hear stories about motherhood, but nothing really makes sense until you're there. What an amazing journey! It's weird, but anyone reading this that is not yet a mother, you will only understand what I mean when you've gone through it, it's great :)

A year ago today I was only 36 weeks preggo, but our little munchkin arrived early. Two and a half weeks early to be exact. I believe I was gardening and unpacking boxes from our move, believing that I had at least 4 weeks to go before he arrived. It was fun getting our house ready for this other being that was going to have a whole space just for his own self. Thinking about it now, I think I might have spent those last few weeks a bit differently. Well, not too differently, just perhaps a few more evening outings would have been a good idea.

I've changed, but I haven't changed everything about myself. I've heard that a lot of parents change so much about themselves when they have a child. Jeff and I hoped that we could continue to be ourselves and do what we do, but do it with our little munchkin with us along the way. Over the past year we've gone on many outings, had babysitters (both family and friends), traveled in planes, trains, busses, and old cars. I have managed to get out and about on probably hundreds of occasions where Jeff has stayed with Landon so I could get some exercise, pick up groceries, go the spa, play hockey etc.. I'm so happy that I have an amazing baby boy whom I love to spend time with and I've also been able to keep on doing other things that I want to do in life.

Anyways.. this past year has been an amazing experience and I'm so excited to see what the future has to bring :) Thanks for listening to my ramble!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daycare Diva!

And so my new life as a daycare provider begins! Adios mat leave, well.. technically not yet, and technically I wont officially start my daycare until May 1st. But really, i'll be doing what then what I started doing this week, caring for another or two other kidlets besides my own.

So far everything has been going great! The boys are getting along well, playing nice, and are pretty mellow for most of the day. Landon still seems to get pretty tired and overwhelmed from having another munchkin running circles around him all day, but that is to be expected.. heck, he's having his 3rd nap of the day right now. It will definitely take some adjustment time for him.

I do miss my downtime though.. Landon usually naps throughout the day for a combined time of about 3-4 hours where I get a lot of things done around the house. He is still napping for about that amount of time, but while he is asleep, the other is awake.. hopefully someday their naps will coordinate. The longest I have had them overlap thus far is 30 min :-p Enough to sit down and eat my sandwich and make a cup of tea.. but not drink it hehe.

We've been out and about each day as hanging out in the main area downstairs can get a little boring for a few hours straight. So far we've gone to see the ducks along the golf course, visited two playgrounds, chatted with neighbours and walked down random streets. Tomorrow we're off to another park that I have yet to visit, it should be interesting :)

Here are a few photos of the little tykes getting used to the new setup!
I'm hoping that Landon will benefit from having someone to watch and imitate that is a tad bit older and is doing new things.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ferry Rides with Landon

One thing I always look forward to when I have plans of heading to the mainland, is enjoying the ferry ride with Landon. It's a time when I get to spend every momment enjoying him, not thinking about the laundry that needs to be done, or the floor that needs sweeping.

What I really love about the ferry rides is that because we only go every month or so, Landon has changed so much between trips. He has different interests every time, different things catch his interest, and he always shows me a new side of him. This past trip he was busy watching the older children run around the boat, and was fascinated watching all of the other people eat in the cafeteria, and felt it was necessary to wave at everyone that walked by.

I'm excited ride back home with him in a few days and soak up all of his adorableness :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Storyboard for our bathroom reno

As a great idea from my friend LL(Lauralee) I'm going to attempt to create a story board showing ideas I like for our new bathroom. Our current bathroom is kind of gross. The floor is some old lino, the sink has gazillion cracks in it, the faucet is disgusting, the walls need a lot of attention, and everything overall seems to be a little outdated. To save some money we may keep the toilet we have as it seems to work fine and looks alright. The tub/shower combo we are also keeping in order to save some money. We will however get some new clear class doors on the shower and we're hoping to tile around the tub to give it an updated look.
I'm in the works of getting quotes from a few different companies for a new vanity and over-john type thing for storage above the toilet. Then we'll need to search for granite and an undermount sink that will fit in our 18" deep vanity. Notice that our bathroom is pretty skinny, our door just barely misses our current 22" deep vanity when we close or open it.
Anywho.. here are a few photos for ideas :)

* Hope to have a big mirror with dark wood edges
* The tile shown is what I'm hoping to use on the floors (12 x12 tiles) and smaller ones surrounding the shower.
*The top right vanity photo is closer to what the color of ours will be, we're not too sure on what exact color of granite top we'll have but it will be lighter in color like the ones shown.
* Above is the faucet I love :)
* The lights shown are ideas of what I like.. we haven't decided yet though.

Here is a photo of our current bathroom. The new vanity will be in the same location as it is now, but it will be a few inches less deep. There will also be a 6 inch deep cabinet above the toilet... now picture a nice mirror above the vanity and some nice lights hehe.
Anywho, that's all for now! Wish us luck! Also, if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to let me know :)