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Sunday, April 19, 2009

37 Weeks - Full Term!

Baby Land: Well, it seems like time has flown by so quickly, i'm already 37 weeks preggo! It sure did sneak up on me. If I was to have the baby now it would be considered full term and it would most likely not need any extra care, so that's good to know. The midwife also said that I can start 'helping' the baby along its way. I have already purchased some red raspberry leaf tea and may start drinking it once I feel I'm ready and organized for baby to arrive. That's not to say that anything I do will help baby come sooner, but you never know!
Also, a week ago or so Jeff and I did a tour of the hospital. It's a nice hospital and it seems small and cute, but I'm not too sure I can picture myself labouring there. Our hope is to try for a home birth, and if for some reason I don't feel comfortable with it at the time or if something goes 'wrong' then we can always go to the hospital as it's not too far away :)

Easter: Last weekend my parents came over to the Island and saw our house for the first time! It was great to have our first real house guests as they stayed two nights here. It was nice to have house guests but I sure did notice myself getting tired quickly. Jeff and my Dad ended up puting up our very own clothesline and got the garden ready to go. My Mom and I did a little bit of shopping and got a few things like hanging baskets so that I'll be ready to plant them when the time comes. Thanks for being such great house guests you two!
On the Friday of this weekend Jeff and I also made our first trip up Island since moving over here. We went up in the morning to Ladysmith to wish his Mom a Happy Birthday and to go out for lunch :)

Baby Moon: As my parents were leaving, Jeff and I went over on the ferry with them and headed in to Vancouver where we stayed at our friend's apartment in English Bay with a beautiful view! (He was out of town). We caught a movie, had a nice dinner, strolled along the sea wall, watched blue herons (there's a heap of them nesting in Stanley Park), and relaxed. It was so nice to just do whatever we wanted and enjoy each others company. On the Tuesday Jeff went to work while I went to a few baby stores and Ikea. Got that out of my system for a while! :)
Oh yes, in the morning of the Monday Jeff and I headed out to UBC with our photographer to take some maternity photos. We went to a spot where we were alone and she got some lovely shots! I have a few posted on my facebook if you want to check them out, or you can look at her website at

That's all for now! Thanks for reading :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

The End Is Near! Well.. sort of.

Well, i'm now in my 36th week of pregnancy and the countdown is on! I'm so very excited to meet this little person. The nursery is pretty much complete, and we have almost everything we need for our little bean to come home with us. Things are starting to get really uncomfortable with my body.. the skin on my stomach aches constantly now as it stretches even further, and the hip pains at night are making it so I'm sleeping less and less, thank goodness for naps! But I must say, I still love being pregnant! I love the big round belly and the oh so amazing movements I am feeling inside.

This past weekend I was out in Chilliwack to visit with my parents one last time before baby comes. I was a little nervous as my husband was in Edmonton and I was so far away from home. A lot of people that I know have been delivering super early! Eek! I'm shooting for 37 weeks, as then the baby will not be considered a preemie. Who knows though, I might end up carrying to 41 weeks.

Don't bother asking us about what names we have chosen and we will not tell you! hehe. We've decided on a boys name and have the girl's name narrowed down to two. However, we're not going to say what the name is until we meet our little one.

Yesterday I had some maternity photos taken by a friend of a friend as she is just starting up her own photography business. It was a lot of fun and the pics look great :) This is her webpage: Bradford . We had, however, booked another maternity photo session with the photographer that shot our wedding. She'll be taking pics of us next week out near UBC I believe. Check her out at . I'm super excited for her to take these photos - you'll see why if you check out her webpage.. she's amazing! She has taken engagement photos for us, weddintg photos, and budoir photos and she has never ceased to amaze me!

Well... Let's hope this little one stays in me for at least two more weeks! Thanks for reading!