Summer fun with family :)

Thought I should share a few photos from our August so far and our time spent with family :) It is so nice to have my sister visiting from Australia with her beautiful baby girl.

You probably can't tell by these photos (I don't often take photos of the chaos because i'm too busy dealing with the chaos!).. but life lately has been so insanely busy. I feel like the kids have been running circles around me (literally at times) and I find that more often than usual I am pulling out my hair. E has been waking up extra early and we can't seem to figure out why. She's a pretty good listener but into everything. She's soooo quiet, sneaky and quick and keeps us on our toes constantly. Hudson has also been going through some major changes of some sort that leave him very irritable, tired, and whiny for maybe 1/3 of each day (or so it feels).  Most choices he has to make end in a crying fit of some degree and it takes some serious creativity to avoid them.  I know, it's normal. But it's a challenge. I don't know how all of you other moms out there do it!! And Landon.. well.. let's  just say we're loving the number 5 :)

My sister and I with our girls

Our little miss 

 Sweet sweet baby :)

 Cracking nuts with Grandpa

 Hanging out with Uncle 

 First time off the diving board!

 Our McGrath side of the family - missing a few key people. 

 E's first trip off the diving board.. mean daddy!

 mmm...amazing pavlova made by my sis :) 

 More blueberries please!

Yummy watermelon and Nunnys Nappies swim diaper made by my friend Lauren :) 

 More sweets courtesy of my sis :) 

 Popsicle and a movie on the deck

 Grandma and grandpa with all four grandkids

 We love auntie!

 In love with this sweet look 

 Biking in Whistler!

 Lost Lake with our new dog :-p

 Catching tiny tree frogs!

 We win!

 Loving the Peak to Peak Gondola

 Inukshuk on Blackcomb

 The whole crew, plus my brother was there in the evenings :) So nice to be together!

 L and I took the chair lift to the top of Whistler! Black Tusk in the background :) 

 We were throwing snowballs, I thought it would be fun to take a photo of him throwing one. I obviously underestimated his throwing ability. I took this pic, lifted my camera away and SMACK, snowball in the eye!

E and M all matchy matchy :)