Sweet Baby Boy - Trying out some Newborn Photography!

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this beautiful baby boy :) I have only had experience witnessing the magic our photographers used to capture our second and third childrens' newborn beauty. It looked easy, but don't be fooled.. it is not! 

My newborn photos of H were cute-ish... but definitely did not look anything like professional photos. I'm so glad that I had someone come take some. I definitely regret not getting some done of L.. poor 1st child :-p With E I also had some professional photos done where I tried to study the photographers actions/backdrops/room atmosphere etc. The photos are lovely, but I definitely enjoy natural light photos more than newborn photos using flash. 

Anywho, I borrowed some equipment such as a heater, huge bean bag, basket and heating pad - rounded up some blankets and scarves from around the house and off I went to this insanely adorable baby boy's house to attempt some newborn photos. 

I'm happy to say that things went pretty darn well! The babe cooperated, mom was super helpful, and the lighting was lovely :)  
Thanks for reading!