A little bit of vintage love...

I've been loving my camera these days. It helps that the boys are just that much older and I'm able to let  them do their thing while I snap away. I have also joined a few friends in our own little photography club where we attempt to learn about our cameras, bounce ideas off of each other, and share photos. Having a happy, adorable baby girl is also helping the photography cause :)

As our little miss is turning one soon I have been all over the photo shoots. One night I snuck away with her to our park down the road for some photos of her in a vintage dress, vintage school chair, and some amazing lighting! Here are the results :) 

Another night last week I whipped up a cute cake, borrowed my friend's vintage pram and all five of us headed down to Uplands park where we found a lovely grassy area surrounded with Garry Oak trees. Just as I was changing her outfit for the cake smash the sun was covered up.. oh well, she didn't like the cake anyways :-p Here are some of my favs!

I know what some of you are thinking.. seriously? She did a cake smash? Dayna is nuts. It is definitely a little silly, especially when you are trying to explain what you're doing to someone who has no clue. My reasoning is.. I like making cakes, I like cute photos, and I especially love messy baby photos = cake smash :)

Brothers helping their little sis gobble the cake!

I love the above photo! She was so happy in the this pram, the shocks on it are unreal and she was bouncing around like crazy. Also in love with Garry Oaks and this lovely light!

 Happy 1st Birthday Baby girl :)