Five years ago...

Five years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed watching our four day old son lay under the billy lights in the hospital. He was a tad jaundice and needed to catch some rays. He wore these foam eye protectors (reminded me of what you wear in a tanning bed), and his ankle bracelet/id tag/alarm. I remember Jeff and I freaking out when he peed as under the lights it looked red; pretty freaky when you're brand new parents!

Anywho... five years later, here we are. L is now 5. Wow. Those years sure flew by... everyone told me they would, but its hard to believe them when you're stuck in the middle of crazy chaos, breastfeeding pains, and sleepless nights that seem to go on forever. You're up in the middle of the night thinking 'like heck it goes by quickly, this is the longest night of my life!' Then there are the times when you slow down and catch a glimpse of this amazing little being that you have created and helped sculpt, and they are amazing, and growing up way too quickly.

L is a character these days. His facial expressions and his attitude change with the wind. He's an amazing big brother, quick, creative thinker,  but also a handful at times. He's thoughtful when it comes to others (most times) and is always surprising us with new things he has learned. This past year was a big year for him in terms of learning new things. He learned how to ride a two wheeler, learned to swim on his own, and has begun reading. He is in love with anything lego and enjoys building sets and then turning them into something 'wayyy cooler' that he has made up on his own.
He has a blast with his brother playing outside, chasing each other around, and of course, bossing him around. We call him a police officer, and at this rate he may very well become one - he has the super stern voice down pat! He is also a very proud big brother to his little sis whom he adores, loves to make giggle, and tries to pick up and pack her around every once in a while. Since September he has also been attending Judo class and really enjoying it. hmm.. what else.. for about a year and a half Landon wouldn't count past twelve.. we're not too sure why, but he was just stuck, or stubborn or something and just couldn't get past it. One day in the past month it clicked and he continued counting on to 100 :-p

I didn't take a lot of photos at the little party we had for him this past weekend, and definitely didn't get a good pic of him before all of the fatigue and sugar low set in. Oh well, here he is after the party!  He's a pretty amazing little person and we are so glad he is in our lives :)

 Little Robot tin can favours for the kids 
                                           Piñata time!                      

Jeff may have had to burst the piñata open for the kids to collect; at least they each got two turns to wack it open :)