Blog Reader

Over the past few weeks I have really been enjoying reading one awesome mommy/photographer blog in particular called Under The Sycamore . I love her writing, her beautiful family, and especially her amazing photography. I get sucked in to reading entry after entry and all of a sudden I feel as if I know her family a bit and have experienced part of their lives. I dream to be able to write down my ideas the way she does.. perhaps one day i'll get there..

One of many things I have been taking away from her blog is her style of photography (She also has AMAZING decor, inspiring ideas, and great writing of course). Over the past few months I have really been wanting to learn how to take better 'everyday life' photography. I know this has a name and I cannot think of it right now...  Anywho, I want to capture our family, especially our kids, doing everyday things.  I love the little things. Their feet, the faces they make, the way they throw dirt.. whatever it may be.. I want to capture it! This blog has given me a lot of ideas, so here are a few I've taken in the last few days that I hope lean towards her style of photography.

I love the lighting both in the morning and evening when this little one is sitting her her high chair. Lots of messy food faces that I find quite cute.. maybe you won't though :-p Trying out some Aperature Program photoshopping and experimenting with Black and White. 

One afternoon we were all hanging out on our bed. I love that no one is looking at me, all three boys are in their own little worlds :) 

This little two year old sure has some awesome expressions.  He's a very happy little guy at times, but he sure can be angry. He's pretty much a teenage girl.. from super angry in the photo above to delighted as he pours his matchbox cars out of a purple and pink purse. Love him!

I turned around to see our big guy sneaking out quietly after nap time, not quite awake yet I don't think. 

Sunny afternoon outside on the red blanket. Trying out some different angles. 

Trying hard to capture some great moments clearly. I've hard a hard time getting clear photos in times of movement. Kids don't exactly sit still often. At least mine don't.. except for the baby when she's eating :-p Here is biggest brother entertaining the little one. 

Loving this angle! Happy in her seat.. for the moment :)