The Big 3 0 !

My exciting twenties are coming to an end today. I think back to when I was maybe seventeen or eighteen years old and 30 seemed OLD! Back then I also thought that turning 30 would be a big deal.  I'm a little surprised that it doesn't feel like a big deal at all. I'm really happy with how my twenties unfolded and I'm excited for my thirties!

 I've done a lot of neat things over the past 30 years, met a lot of interesting people, learned a lot, and hopefully have become a more empathetic, helpful, caring and understanding person because of it. I know I still have a lot of growing to do and hopefully I can achieve some of that in my thirties :) My focus has changed from being on me to being on my family.. I have three littles to care for now and need to provide experiences for them that will help shape them as little people.

Anywho.. here is a little list I wrote up of a few things I have done over the last 30 years. They are in no particular order at all and i'm sure I have forgotten a thing or two...  I have also begun a list for 30 things I want to do in the next 30 years.. if you think of anything exciting that should be on that list, let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Thirty Interesting and Not so Interesting things I’ve done by 30!

1.   Went hang gliding over CopaCabana beach in Brazil and paraglided in the Swiss Alps
2.   Traveled to six of seven continents - twenty three Countries! Maybe Antarctica one day? 
3.   Had three beautiful babies - experienced a Cesarean and then two natural births
4.   Found and married the man of my dreams on the internet!
5.   Rode an Ostrich in South Africa
6.   Went to University for five years, two degrees! 
7.   Became a teacher!
8.   Ran a daycare out of my home, five kids three and under at one point
9.   Backpacked across Europe for four and a half months with two girlfriends
10. Gained and lost 45lbs three times
11. Became a stay at home mom to three kids - very busy and crazy at times, but oh so amazing! 
12. Learned conversational Spanish and French
13. Lived in Quebec for six weeks
14. Became a green thumb; created many flower gardens around our yard. 
15. Walked ten kilometres in the middle of nowhere on the Great Wall of China and zip lined off of it
16. Traveled 30 hours on airplanes with a four month old baby strapped to me (And went crazy doing
17. Went tent camping in Mexico and stayed with some locals
18. Experienced Iguazu Falls up close and personal
19. Have only broken one bone(my arm) when I fell off the monkey bars when I was four
20. Backpacked across South America with Jeff
21. Got proposed to on the top of Table Mountain, South Africa (I said YES!)
22. Won a trip to Cuba on the radio to a five star resort
23. Ran a 10km and 8km race (10km is as far as I’m ever running)
24. Took a helicopter ride around Sedona, Arizona
25. Hitch hiked in Italy
26. Petted some tigers and cheetahs in South Africa
27. Swam with sea turtles, penguins, and dolphins!
28. Moved from Rosedale to North Van, to East Van, and then to Victoria where we bought a house!
29. Ate my own weight in gelato on my trip to Europe!
30. Met a lot of amazing friends over the years and enjoyed spending quality time with our

Can’t wait to see what the next thirty years brings!

30 Things after 30

1. Go skinny dipping - Can't believe I haven't done this yet :-p
2. Live abroad with the family for a year
3. Take a ballet class or two
4. Travel to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand
5. Try wake surfing
6. Become a teacher again in an elementary school
7. Run 10km under 50 minutes
8. Take the kids to Disneyland
9. Volunteer in the kids' classes
10. Become a soccer mom.. or hockey mom, or whatever the kids choose :) 
11. Achieve a super organized and highly functional house