39 weeks and Ready to GO!

These back pains are driving me crazy! I've tried massage and the chiropractor plus rolling on two different sized balls and now nothing is relieving the pain! Ugh! Besides these back/hip pains I've been okay, just super hormonal and tired from yucky sleeps(due to back/hip pains!).

Baby girl is due this coming Tuesday (T-minus 5 days) and I wouldn't mind her arriving a few days earlier. Partially because I can't wait to meet her and also because I'm hoping that my body will start feeling better :)

Still no carseat installation.. but due to the layout of our van I don't want to move the boys until she arrives. It looks like I'm going to put one of the boys in the very back seat and keep our eldest next to the baby so as to help out with dropped toys, singing songs, etc. We could fit three across but then we wouldn't be able to stick any extra passengers in the very back too easily. I think I'd rather keep our options open.

I guess I'm pretty much done the nursery. All that remains are a few finishing touches that I won't be able to put up until after she arrives as we are keeping the first initial of her name a surprise :) Oh, and the mobile is half done.. I need to go buy some white felt and make some cute stars to go with the little pink birdies :)
Here are a few pics!

 Loving this fabric I bought online to make a change table cover!

To the right: Some of the tissue paper pom poms and my button artwork!

So glad I splurged a little bit ($100 off ebay - Thanks hunny!) and bought this adorable chandelier. Kind of funny though.. Jeff had to saw part of it off to make sure he wouldn't hit his head on it. 

 Here are the cute sleeping birdies that will be on the mobile. Just waiting on buying some white felt to make little stars and a moon.

I sewed pink pom pom trim to the curtains to spice it up a bit.. happened to have just enough left over to add to the lamp!    

 Yay for adorable girl accessories! Some of these were bought, some made by me, some made by friends.. i love them all! Can't wait to try them out on baby girl!

I couldn't bring myself to paint the inside of the closet before we added the closet organizer... but boy oh boy do I love how many goodies you can fit in when you have it properly organized!  No that is not a real baby in the baby seat :-p The boys have had me swaddle her up and have been playing with her like that!

It's pretty strange waiting for a little person to arrive when there is already so much going on in your life. Every night I try hard to organize the house a bit, make sure the dishes are done and things for the boys are organized, just in case I go in to labor in the middle of the night and someone has to come take over. I'd rather they walk in to a somewhat tidied/organized house than a crazy mess. Don't worry.. I'm not cleaning.. just tidying :-p Let's not get silly here! I think my cleaning phase has long passed. The nesting is complete.. I'm exhausted!The boys' bags are packed and ready to go because my Mother In-law is coming tomorrow to take the boys up Island for the long weekend! So exciting! I'm thinking it would be perfect if Jeff and I got one or two days with just the two of us and then baby arrived maybe Sunday or Monday :-p One can dream!