Full Term!! 37 weeks :)

Looks like I've made it to the end! Well.. sort of. Throughout each of my pregnancies I always worried about having our little ones join us too early, having to spend weeks upon weeks in a NICU somewhere or something. Hopefully we have bypassed that experience :) Supposedly baby should be fully developed by now and will be weighing in over 6 lbs at this point. In my pregnancy with Landon, he arrived 4 days from now.. so really it could be any day now. Or.. it could be 5 weeks from now! AHH!

Now that my busy birthday planning for Landon's birthday is over I feel so relaxed and I'm not really feeling too rushed to get baby out. I'm enjoying the boys so much lately. I just want to kiss and hug them and tell them I love them so much :) Maybe I'm trying to get in as many extra cuddles as possible before I'm too busy with a little babe. Of course I do get up between 3-7 times a night to pee or roll on my yoga ball because my hips are crazy painful.. but the days are still nice :) Tiring.. but nice :)

I've been working hard on our baby girl's nursery and I'm almost done! I've got a mobile to create and a few more photos to stick on the wall. I've also covered baby's first initial in yarn and will hang that up once she arrives - no name guessing!

Here is a photo of one side of the room :) I love how bright it is and how many Pinterest things I attempted!  I made the tissue paper pom poms, the tree button art, the Staples engineering print on the wall (obviously did not take the photo though), sewed pom poms to the curtains, and made the change table cover! I will definitely post more detailed photos when I get a chance.. but this is all I had for now and I wanted to share it!