Emotionally Ready for baby?

Well, I am now 33 weeks preggo with babe numero 3! In case you missed the big reveal, it's a GIRL :) 

It's exciting and super scary at the same time. Exciting that I will have the three darling kids I have always wanted (the ones that I dreampt would behave so well, would never fight or yell, would never defy me, and would always sleep when they were supposed to).. Okay, so parts of that are true.. others, not so much. These boys are BUSY! People always comment about busy boys.. and some days I don't notice it so much until I see how the girls at Landon's preschool act. Calm, slower moving, and definitely quieter.  Does this mean that I'm going to have it easy later on... ?

Landon has been changing so much over the past few months. It's so neat to watch his development, and also hard to get a grasp on it. His imagination has really taken off. He is constantly making up stories using animals, tractors, dinosaurs and tupperware - you name the object,he'll work it in to his story.  He has also started being CRAZY! He is loud, uses wild new voices, talks back often, and flops to the ground randomly rolling around and making goofy faces. He has so much energy, yet he truly also enjoys playing on his top bunk for an hour with random toys or lego building. I love him to bits and can't wait to see how he deals and adjusts to this big life event of getting a baby sister. He has been coddling a baby doll lately - placing her in the swing, talking and singing sweetly to her, and telling me all of his responsibilities. We'll see how this goes :)

Hudson has also been changing so much. He has turned from the tantrum screaming munchkin to a super sweet chatty little boy. He gives kisses, lots of hugs, asks for more books, follows his big brother around and doesn't steal many toys, dotes on the baby doll as well, and is really starting to listen well. I'm tempted to think that he has somehow already experienced the terrible twos (16-19 months) but I think that would be very naive of me.  Lately he has been enthralled with trucks, dinosaurs, space ships, worms, running everywhere and jumping off of everything :) I'm so glad that this little guy gets along so well with his big brother and doesn't appear to get jealous at all when I hold another child/baby - i'm hoping that his transition to Big Brother will go okay.

I think what I'm more so worried about is how to give each of the kids the one on one time that they really crave.. especially Landon. I know how much time and attention most newborns need and I know that it will be an adjustment for everyone.

Alright so that wasn't the most exciting blog post.. I guess it's just what's been going through my head lately.

The next post should have some maternity photos in it!