35 Weeks with Baby Girl!

Wow, the last few weeks have flown by! Yahoo! I'm feeling pretty ready for this baby girl to join our family :) Of course it will be my luck that because I'm feeling so ready and somewhat organized that baby girl will stay inside the cozy warm belly for as long as possible.

Oh well.. I do enjoy being pregnant, minus the crazy hormones and lack of sleep due to hip and pelvic pains. Oh, and don't forget the back/purple leg due to varicose veins! I am SO sick of these prescription stockings.. ever have a pair of socks that cost $100 and were super hard to put on? It's oh-so-fun!

I know I will miss the belly, and the amazing feeling of the baby stretching and kicking. Right now I can feel the babe's bum and feet sticking out. She holds her feet in place often and you can feel the entire foot.. seriously, my hubby says he can practically count the toes! She's feeling pretty small still but I'm good with that. It will probably be another five weeks until she enters this world and by then she'll be just the right size.

The hospital bag is packed, the car seat is in the garage(so easy to install), floors have been scrubbed, parts of meals have been prepped, and the nursery is almost complete :) I've got some big brother kits ready to go for the boys, and we've asked a few friends if it's okay if we call them in the middle of the night to help us out :-p

Oh! And we've agreed on a first name!! Yahoo :) Of course you won't be finding that out until she's born but it's so nice to have a name.. it just makes me feel a lot more ready:)

We had a lovely maternity photo shoot over Easter weekend and here are some of my favs :) Thanks Jenn Foik from Foik Photography :)
 Loving the light in this one with me and my beautiful boys :) 

 Two of my sweethearts! 

 Listening for baby sister :) 

 I think I'll get this on a canvas to go with my pregnancy photos from Landon and Hudson

Love my hubby so much! Isn't he hot stuff?! That's my Hottie Mottie ;)