Playroom Progress Reveal!

I've been wanting to post photos of the playroom updates for a few weeks now. Even though I'm not totally finished all of the fine tuning I just cannot hold back any longer!

Let us first have a look at what the playroom used to look like. This is the room that I spent the majority of time in over the past three years, 5 days a week... between 3-8 hours a day depending on the age of the children and their schedules. There were always things I wanted to work on, to fix up, or to paint. I did some of those things, but nothing too major over the years.

Yesterday was my last day caring for children other than my own! I plan on providing daycare in the future, but not full time, and only to two other children.. maybe a year or so from now, we'll see. I won't lie..I enjoyed caring for the other kids, but I'm soooo excited to move on to another chapter of my life. It must be some nesting instinct with #3 on the way.. for some reason all of a sudden I was in a huge hurry to change things up!

Here is the before photo. Of course it doesn't show everything.. but it you get the idea. It doesn't help that this was right after most of the kids had finished eating and we hadn't cleaned up yet.

 What it looks like now!
What you see when you walk in the door!  Would love these fancy chairs from Land of Nod but I'm pretty sure they're not in the budget :-p  I painted the walls (Stonington Gray), ordered some new storage furniture from Ikea (Expedit 16 cube), bought some hooks (JoAnnes), and found a $20 wood table on UsedVictoria and had Jeff cut the legs down in height.  Oh, and I ordered that fabric for the curtains online and somehow managed to whip them up on this past week!

 Hanging out the dress-up clothing instead of sticking it in a bin. The kids actually see it now and go to it. Still in need of a few bins in the shelving unit.. not quite sure what I want yet though.There are two small play tables & one main table - the one with the Little People on it I would love to turn in to a light table one day by following Play At Home Mom's instructions.

 Little play table in the corner for whatever they're interested in at the moment. Would love to find this table in white to go with the rest of the furniture and perhaps a little red, teal or white stool instead of this pink garage sale find :)

 Looking at the other half of the room. Train table gets used daily by both boys and the little kitchen has always been a hit.

 Little reading area with books displayed instead of just in a bin. I find they ask me to read to them more and/or go pick out books to look at more often. Finally have some of Landon's artwork hung up too!

 Cute little A & Z bookends holding some lovely books I scored from a school I worked at. They are all This is ______  books that are from about 40 years ago describing European cities.

 Letters, map, chalkboard, felt board, nothing board (what do I do with this!? Would love to make it a magnet board), and toys bins! Toy bins need some new labels one day :) 

Hands and feet of the boys :) Need to be hung but I'm not in a hurry...

There are still a few more things I would like to do including hanging a few more pieces of art and some family photos between the two main windows. However, I'm pretty happy with how it looks right now! It's so nice to have finished this inside project just in time for March - which means more time to concentrate on the garden :)


  1. These are great playroom ideas! I just got done organizing my playroom also and although it was quite the chore it was well worth it! In fact, I did what you did and decided to hang all the dressup clothes and it was definitely the right choice because my daughter plays with them a lot more now.

  2. Thanks so much for reading my blog! :) Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, apparently I am not notified when someone comments! Whoops! Glad to hear that you got to organizing your playroom too :) Definitely well worth it!


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