Life is Grand & Full of Clean Laundry (sometimes) !

I was looking through my blogging history last night and reconfirmed that I am indeed a very sporadic blogger. There just hasn't been a lot of time left over at the end of the day to spend time writing about how busy my day was! I've been caring for other people's children for close to three years - and throughout that time I've had a new baby, raised my two little boys, and then become pregnant again. Between all of that new baby and pregnancy crazyness I just haven't been too energetic in terms of blogging... I wonder why? :-p

Anywho! At the end of January I stopped looking after two little munchkins a bit earlier than expected and I must say.. life is just so much easier! Not that being a stay at home mom is easy, but I am definitely enjoying spending more dedicated, one on two time with my beautiful boys. I am still caring for one other little one twice a week but it feels like just a playdate, and the boys fully enjoy it :)

There is of course this slight issue of no income which I will have to work around.. but I think with the weather starting to turn in the next month or two, and all of the free/cheap playgroups & playdates that we should be able to make something work :) Thank goodness for a Spring baby!

I would love to be one of those fancy mom bloggers that do amazing things to their houses... instead I'm one of the wannabes that do some lovely things, but not quite to the standards of the fancies. Over the past few months I've been working on the downstairs entrance area along with the help of my very handy husband! He created a laundry basket sorting/storing area (see below photo) where I can either place clean/folded or dirty laundry and have it stored out of the way. I was thinking of putting cute labels on them but I'm not too sure yet how they will be used. Ideas? The photo below mine was my inspiration.

laundry-room-sorting-station- great idea!
Looking at the photos, I love what we've done, but it seems to need a pop of color or maybe a rug or something...I would love walnut laminate flooring but we're not considering that for a few more years. Maybe a bright turquoise chevron rug.. ? It's just such an awkward shaped space that I'm a little clueless.

That area to the left of the cabinet is something new too! It's an art hanging area where I'm able to hang up the boys' artwork.. maybe I don't need those picture frames above it..? Thoughts?

The door beside the art hanging area leads to the playroom that I am so excited to tell you about also.. maybe in my next post!

Thanks for reading :) 


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