28 Weeks with Baby #3!

Since I haven't wrote on here in a long time I have not filled you all in on my pregnancy thus far. Heck, I haven't been writing in my journal either so this info is brand spanking new!
Here is a little update on where baby and mommy are at :)

Size of baby:Baby is about 2.5 pounds and is around the size of some Chinese cabbage - ever had that before? I sure haven't! She's also around 15inches long - not too much more growing to do in terms of length! Landon was 19, and Hudson was 21!

Maternity clothes: All maternity pants, some non maternity tops. However, The tops I'm wearing that aren't maternity are definitely not shrinking back to non maternity size :-p I need to find my shirt extender as a few maternity tops are becoming too short! I am so thankful for many lovely friends and family member that have given me maternity clothing over the past two years - I've got tons of clothing that I'm excited to pass on to someone else one day :)

Gender: It's a GIRL!! Her name is totally undecided. Today we have an ultrasound to check baby's size and we have agreed to talk seriously about the name after we confirm for the third time that it is indeed a she and not a he! Whatever we decide we will be keeping as a surprise! This name picking thing is tricky though.. with the boys we knew what we wanted really early on.
Movement: Sooo much movement! I love it! :) So far she is not kicking as hard as the boys once did, but she is also quite small. I'm guessing that in the next few weeks I'll start to get some huge kicks. It seems like she moves a bit differently that the boys ever did. Lots of crazy rapid fire kicking! I'm also finding it pretty tricky to guess where the parts of her body are in there - maybe I'm just not far along enough yet?

Sleep: It seems to go up and down. I'll have serious hip pains that keep me up for a few nights in a row, then I'll sleep fine for a few nights. Next we'll move on to insomnia for a few nights, and then back to some other discomfort issue! Oh pregnancy! I keep telling Jeff that we have 2 more years until there is a good chance that we are all sleeping peacefully again :) The boys are fantastic sleepers so it's going to be hard going back to a newborn's sleep schedule.

What I miss:  Alcohol, believe it or not! I've been craving a sweet, cold, crisp glass of white wine with citrus flavors on a weekly basis. I would also like to have a HUGE sushi feast after baby arrives :) Lately I've also been missing going for a run and feeling in shape. I've gained a lot of weight already and my hugeness is starting to feel quite blah. I'm walking a lot, but it's just not the same!

Symptoms: Insomnia, hip pains, SI pains, and severe baby brain! It feels like my brain just turns off for portions of the day. Oh, and don't forget the crazy varicose veins! I would love to post a photo to explain but it's just too gross. It's mostly in my lower left leg near my ankle. I wear prescription strength support hose but by the end of the day when I take my socks off it looks terrible! Definitely need to put my feet up more!

Best moment this week: Watching both the boys pretending that they have babies. Hudson carries around a life size newborn doll kissing it and putting it to sleep - it's super cute! Landon had his monkey in his make believe baby carrier (his sweater) and was taking it places and brushing it's teeth. I hope they'll be nice to their baby sister when she arrives :) Judging by the amount they love to wrestle/tackle I have a feeling that she will be toughened up pretty early on. 

I'll post a photo in the next few days!