Some time! Christmas time :)

Feeling good these days with two sleeping boys at night and long nappers during the day! Hooray! 

I'm finally feeling back on my feet after a horrible October of sleep that turned me in to a crazy zombie mom whop snapped at everything and looked atrocious!  I guess it didn't help that I was going through my first 3 months of baby #3!! I felt like crap 24/7 and a few weeks ago that crappy-ness ended. I am now fully enjoying the 2nd trimester!

These last few days have been really exciting prepping for Christmas happyness! The boys and I decorated the house one night & it was just precious. Pulling the ornaments and decorations out of the box was adorable - the look on Landon's face. This is going to be a fantastic Christmas season! 

More to come! Baby is up :)