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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last Big Project... for now!

Well here is the last big project I am working on and it includes more lovely furniture painting that I love OH so much! :-p I bought a dresser at a garage sale down the road a few weeks ago for $12 and am now wishing that I had a photo of it to show you.. I'm painting it white just like the dresser we did for Landon's new room. The problem however is that the holes that are in the drawers are not a standard size.. grrr.. so I need to fill the holes and then go from there. I plan on putting similar handles on this dresser as I did for Landon's room.

Anywho.. this dresser is replacing my dreams of having this lovely sideboard I've wanted for my downstairs area. I plan on using it for storage for some kids things and for things like wrapping paper and all those extra things that you have no room for.

I've got two photos below.. one is the dresser in progress and the other is the little picture wall that I've made for above the new dresser/sideboard. A few of the photos are staying and a few are being replaced! :)
Okay, the pics!

Update on the baby's nursery

Yes I know.. we had a perfectly fine nursery ready for this baby with Landon moving on to his big boy room. However, I always had an idea of what I wanted out of a baby's nursery and this time around I decided to try and achieve it on a fairly low budget. I'm trying to make it fairly bright and happy and practical for the future so we're not re-doing anything!
Alright! Some update photos...

There is a chair that I would really like to get for the room but it's only sold at American Walmarts and it's currently out of stock.. grrr! Hopefully i'll be able to get it before baby comes :)

I also still need to make a cute painting for the wall by the crib.. i'm thinking a cute owl sitting on a branch in the colours of the room. Also thinking of making a crib skirt to tie the room a bit together too..

The room still needs a few things for sure but it's coming along :) My mom is going to make a nice change pad cover with the fabric I have draped on it in the photo & I'm going to use that same fabric for a cute pillow. I am planning on making a cute owl mobile using these owls I made out of felt plus a few more that i'm working on. Anyone have any other good ideas to include? What else does the room need?
Thanks for reading! I'll post some final photos when the time comes :)

Monday, March 28, 2011


For the past few months I've had a lot of things in the house that I've wanted to do but just couldn't get done on my own. So my mommy took pitty on me on brought herself and my daddy-o over for the weekend to help us get a few things accomplished :) Jeff's parents also came for the day on Saturday to help us with a bunch of things on our to-do list!
Alright... here is what we got finished!
- sanding, priming and most painting of two dressers and four wall ledges
- installed a light fixture
- installed a shelf & 2 ledges
- built a bed
- painted the trim in one of the bedrooms
- moved our spare bed downstairs out of the baby's room
- hung two curtain rods
- hung a few photos in the baby's room
- built a fancy play area in the backyard & filled it with cedar playground chips
- installed the vanity in the bathroom which included doing a bunch of plumbing, and installed the overjohn too.
- took two loads of junk to the dump!

I think I got it all! This was all accomplished between the 6 of us :) We're so thankful that our parents are so helpful and handy!

It feels so good to have these things lifted off my shoulders :) Now I can concentrate on the easy do-it yourself things that I might enjoy a bit more like painting a picture for the baby's room, making a mobile, and finishing up some other light painting! Things I can do quite easily as a preggo and actually enjoy :)

Alrighty, here are a few photos!

Landon's big boy room! The wall ledges we painted, dresser we painted & put new handles on, his lovely big boy bed, and his funky light!

My mother in-law in the garage amongst the crazy painting. Both mom's in Landon's room working on the trim painting, and the bathroom floor just about finished being grouted by my handy husband. Since then the vanity & overjohn are in too and look awesome! They're a dark espresso colour :) (photos to come!)

The before photo of this awkward area that was filled with gravel and had some concrete running along it.. mixed with grass & dirt holes, blah! Then voila - the beautiful play area!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Busy Week!

Well, this week was the start of a new thing.. I began looking after a new little girl this week. For the past 10 months I have pretty much had 'twins' during the week as I had my Landon and his friend Hailey. They are now 22 months and i'm adding a new challenge to my daily routine. Out go the ways of the past 10 months and in come some new ideas and changes.

The new little munchkin I'm caring for during the week is 11 months old and absolutely precious, which makes the transition all that much easier :) It means that we change our napping schedules and perhaps do less stroller walks and instead we use the wagon... I'm sure it will take some getting used to for both myself and kids, but I'm super excited to expand our little group!

Perhaps it doesn't really help that I'm 5.5 months pregnant at the moment and i'm insanely tired, but I'm so excited and feel so lucky that I get to look after my friends' children :)
Anywho! Here is a quick photo of what I was looking at a few times this week :) (My belly and three adorable munchkins :)