Missing My Man!

Happy Belated Halloween! I've been way too tired this past week to be on the ball with posting a nice Halloween post.. so I'm sorry for the delay :)  Jeff has been away for 10 days now and I've been on my own almost the entire time with the two munchkins. Jeff was lucky enough to get to travel to Chile for work and was able to take a little side trip to Mendoza, one of our favorite destinations. Lucky BUM!

My Mom came to visit for two days last week and it was so nice to spend time with her and have her help :) We got down to work when the kids were sleeping and she helped me paint the bricks in the playroom white. Photo to come.. She also spoiled me with yummy treats! I love my momma!

Mom and I took the munchkins to the pumpkin patch only to find a whole lotta rotting pumpkins!
This is with the bricks painted their new white :) They were the regular brick colours or black, grey and orangey/rust colour. Thanks momma!
Halloween wasn't as exciting as it might have been if Jeff had been home. I was exhausted from a busy day with the kids, Hudson had to nap, and Landon had to get out early to trick or treat. He had fun going from door to door but was only interested in going to 4 houses. Ah well, that's alright with me. We headed home and he had a blast handing out candy to the bigger kids, often asking them to come in and play with his toys and look at his diggers. A few of them attempted to run in and play but we steered them back to the door and off they went in tears :-p Guess we'll hide the toys next year.. ?

During the day we headed to our friend's place for a Halloween playdate and it was so nice to see the other mommies. The kids had a blast playing with all of the toys and I had a great time chatting :)

 Our Prince Ronald from The Paper Bag Princess

 All of the munchkins!

Our little Hudson gnome :)