Mason Jar Jack-o-lanterns!

I've been cruising around Pinterest now for about a month or so and I've added so many great idea photos to my boards. At times it seems like it's quite a waste of time as I seem to spend hours on it each week.. but I'm getting ideas that I will use someday, right? Right! With a new little baby I haven't had quite the same amount of crafting/DIY/me time as I had prior to him arriving and just now I'm finally getting some more time to do neat little things. Finally I can prove to myself, and other skeptics, that this lovely time wasting site is full of AWESOME ideas :)
So here is the first thing I have attempted - mason jar jack-o-lanterns!

I started out with a collection of mason jars from the pantry and scrounged around through my lovely tissue paper collection to find some great Fall colours. I created a modge podge with water and white glue and glued the paper to the jars.

After they were dry I cut some cute faces and glued em on, and voila! I would like to get some other colours of ribbon for the tops of a few of the jars, but that can wait. Now I need to find some tea lights and put them perhaps in the front window at nigh