Inducing Labour... or so I thought!

Well, I'm still pregnant! I've heard so many different ideas from everyone on how to get labour started and/or to get your body ready for labour and boy have I tried a lot! I was lying at the acupuncturist today trying to think of all of the things I've tried thus far and I thought I would write them down. It just goes to show.. baby will come when he wants to :)

Things I've done to either get my body ready(cervix) or attempt to induce labour:

- Went for long walks
- Ate spice food
- Had sex
- Pushed on acupressure points
- Went for massages
- Had several acupuncture induction treatments
- Drank litres of red raspberry leaf tea
- Taken homeopathic remedies daily for a month now (black and blue cohosh)
- Scrubbed the floors
- Finished big projects around the house
- Baked cookies and cupcakes
- Weeded the gardens.. again.. and again..
- Went for a pedicure
- Went to a super funny movie (good belly laugh to induce labour)
- Had four stretch and sweeps (midwife going internally to move things along)
- Rubbed castor oil on the belly before bed (5 nights now)
- Forced myself to do the stairs before bed sometimes.. up and down 5 times lady!

I'm sure that I've forgotten something.. but you get the picture :) I'm 40 weeks and 5 days now and I think at 41 weeks 1 or 2 days I'm going to try the lovely castor oil drink and perhaps have another stretch and sweep. Let's hope that it doesn't come to that!

Yes I know a lot of people can just wait it out until the medical induction. With me however I've got a c-section looming ahead on the 14th of July as I've had a previous c-section and am not allowed to be induced here in Victoria, hence why I'm trying everything!

Perhaps now I'll just take a friend's advice and lie on the couch and eat some ice cream :)