Rug Burn Belly!

Well i'm in my 34th week of pregnancy right now and I sure don't remember my tummy feeling this way with Landon. Such a burning and stretching feeling going on over the past few weeks. I really hope I don't get stretch marks this time around.. time to guzzle a little more water perhaps? I think yes :)

Other than the belly hurting a bit the only other set backs have been some very sore hips at night (= horrible sleeps), and the normal 3rd trimester fatigue. After hitting quite the wall of emotions last week I am now forcing myself to try and nap each day while the kids are sleeping. So far the results have been great :)

As some of you know, my last delivery left a lot to be desired. We had planned for a drug free home birth.. sounds lovely right? Well.. I lasted about 16 hours of labour at home before we headed to the hospital for a total of 26 hours.. I ended up with an epidural, episiotomy, vaccum, and then a c-section. My only hope this time around is to avoid the c-section, which is called a VBAC (vaginal birth after cescarean). I'm being realistic with this hope but I sure am going to give it my all. I really want to experience it and would really like to avoid the horrible recovery of a c-section. Anyways.. wish me luck and send me strength! This baby could be here somewhere between 3- 8 weeks. Eek!

Everything is starting to feel a bit more real... I am seriously going to have a baby? I'm really excited, but I know it's going to mean some big changes to get used to. Landon seems to know there is a baby in there and he talks about him a bit, but he's not overly affectionate towards him.. I know.. bit concept for a 2 year old. I'm thinking he may be excited at first, and then go through a lovely stage of jealousy.. but within a year or so I'm hoping they can start to be buddies :) They will be around 26 months apart so I'm hoping they're close as they grow up.

Landon is changing every day.. there is always something new that he says or does that astonishes Jeff and I. He has so many cute sayings now and you can defintely tell where he gets them from.. for example, one of his favorites lately is 'criss cross apple sauce'. I started telling the kids this when I sat them in the wagon all beside each other so they would fit. He also always says 'bum chum' because that's what I say when we walk in the door downstairs in it's time to take their shoes off :-p And one of my favs is 'uh oh spaghetti-o' .. it doesn't quite sound like that but we know exactly what he's saying and boy is it cute!
We were hoping to start the 3 day potty training a few weeks back but of course things came up and we decided we wanted to wait. Now it's getting so close to baby time that I'm not sure it's a good time to start. Perhaps we'll wait until summer when the weather is almost always warm-ish and it would be easy to be either inside or out in case of emergencies :) We'll see.. !

Alright.. that's all for now :) Thanks for reading!