Third Trimester here I come!

Well.. just like clockwork my body seems to know exactly when i'm 28 weeks - aka the start of the third trimester. Two nights ago it seemed to happen. All of a sudden there was more pressure, my belly grew, I was a different kind of tired, and my nightly bathroom breaks went from 1 or 2 a night to 3 or 4.. and insomnia started :) Pretty neat that it happened just this week.. sad to see the 2nd trimester go, but so excited that it could possibly be exactly 10 weeks from now that the baby makes his grand appearance! Landon arrived at 37.5 weeks and it would be oh SO lovely if this little guy followed in his footsteps.. a girl can dream right?

I'm pretty sure my face has started to change a bit as i've gained quite a bit of weight which is too bad, but I know it will return to it's previous state.. I hope so at least, it did last time! Oh, and i've developed these lovely bruise like marks on my one leg.. except they're not bruises :( I guess it's from blood pooling in my legs due to increased blood volume and being on my feet quite a bit.

Putting the kids in the van has started to become interesting as my belly is starting to get in the way.. not too sure what I'm going to do over the next 10-12 weeks! Anywho! I'll figure it out :)
Here is an updated photo of my sweet little boy growing up a storm! :)