31 Weeks With Baby Boy :)

Well, i'm in to the 30's now with this beautiful baby boy growing in me :) I cannot believe how much more I am enjoying this pregnancy compared to my previous. With my last pregnancy I had so much back pain and very intense ligament pains. Thankfully this time around I listened to everyone around me and actually went to he chiropractor as soon as my back/pelvic pain started.. and voila, it's all gone! Unless I'm on my feet all day long I feel pretty darn good at the end of the day! No wonder why I often wake up and forget that I'm pregnant.

Did I mention that we already have his name picked out? It's been decided on for a few months now and I've come so close to letting it slip. Sorry, can't tell you.. it's a secret! All there is left to find out is how big he is going to be and if he's going to be lucky like his big brother and have a full head of red hair.. !? I can't wait to find out!

As for taking time off before baby comes.. It's not huge on my priority list but I would like to have a few full days devoted just to me and prepping for baby. Landon arrived 2.5 weeks early but this baby could go until 41.. I don't really want to end up bored and waiting near the end and not working unless I'm in pain.. so we'll see.

I've been having quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions lately and I surely didn't have that last time.. so hopefully this baby stays in until 37 weeks! I guess I better get it checked out :)

Anywho.. that's all for now.. I better go put my feet up to help with these crazy varicose veins! :)